Committee functions

  • The Executive Committee consists of the Commission's officers and the immediate Past Chair.  This committee is responsible for coordinating the activities of the Standing Committees, prepares the agenda for the meetings of the Commission, handles the Commission's correspondence and daily housekeeping chores and reports its activities to the Commission. 
  • Human Rights Committee members act as advocates for members of the BGSU community who feel their rights have been violated, mediate or arrange for mediation of grievances that do not fall under existing University grievance procedures.  If the grievance cannot be mediated, the complaint will be referred to the Office of the President. 
  • The Programming and Publicity Committee coordinates and collaborates human relations related lectures and programs on campus, develops other appropriate Commission programming and activities, publicize programs, activities and educational efforts of the Commission to the University, and develops descriptive brochures and other appropriate publications.
  • The Awards Committee is responsible for the Miguel Ornelas Human Relations award selection.