Online Course Approval

For the development of a new online course (not an existing course conversion), the course must go through a BGSU curriculum modification, otherwise known  as “blue” or “green” sheeting.

1. Seek College ApprovalConsult with your Department Chair or Program Director and seek college approval to develop and teach the course online.
2. Start the Curriculum Modification Process

Download and start completing the form that applies to your course and obtain the necessary signatures. It is recommended to begin this process at least 1-2 semesters prior to when the course will first be scheduled.

3. OSAP Review Process (Online Summer and Academic Programs)
  • Use this example syllabus to assist you in developing your online course syllabus (optional)

  • Once your syllabus is developed and ready for review, we ask that you complete this online syllabus submission and self-evaluation form

  • Once you submit your syllabus using the form above, our office will recieve it immediately, review it, sign it and send it back to you via email. The entire process is digital. If more information is required on your syllabus we will email you and let you know.
NOTE:  For assistance with online course and syllabus design and development, contact the Center for Faculty Excellence - | 419-372-6898