Online Course Approval

For the development of a new online course (not an existing course conversion), the course must go through a BGSU curriculum modification, otherwise known  as “blue” or “green” sheeting.

1. Seek College Approval Consult with your Department Chair or Program Director and seek college approval to develop and teach the course online.
2. Start the Curriculum Modification Process

The OSAP online syllabus review process is part of the Curriculum Modification process, which all courses being delivered in an online or blended format must go through. Below are instructions and links to the appropriate Undergraduate and Graduate curriculum modification process pages for you to get started.  

3. Substantial Support Agreement Form (optional)

NOTE: You can skip this section if you are not requesting substantial support from the university for the development of distance materials. (see pages 130-133 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement to learn about what subtantial support entails).

The purpose of this written agreement is to establish mutual understanding of the terms and conditions for the development or substantial revision of distance learning materials in exchange for substantial University support. 

  • (optional)  Download the draft worksheet  to work on the Agreement.  This is useful if you plan to collaborate with others on the contents of the agreement. You can use the contents of your draft to copy and paste into the official online Subtantial Support Agreement Document below.
  • When ready to move forward, the Chair/Director will fill out the official Substantial Support Agreement Online Document and digitally sign it.  NOTE: The Chair/Director will fill out the name of the Faculty Member and Dean on the next page to review and digitally sign the agreement.  The Chair/Director will receive a copy of the signed document via PDF in email when all parties have signed the document.
4. OSAP Review Process (Online Summer and Academic Programs)
  • TIP: Use this example syllabus to assist you in developing your online course syllabus

    • Please Download and use this OSAP Check sheet to make sure you include all required elements in your syllabus for online and blended courses. OSAP will use this same check sheet when reviewing your online syllabus upon submission.
    • Graduate online course reviews happen in OnBase as part of the graduate curriculum modification process above.
    • Download and use this OSAP check sheet as a guide to ensure you include all required elements in your syllabus for online or blended course delivery. OSAP will use this same check sheet when reviewing your online syllabus upon submission.
    • When your syllabus is ready to be reviewed, CLICK HERE to submit it to OSAP. Our office will review it and digitally sign the checksheet for you to include in your curriculum modification paperwork or we will send it back to you with feedback. The entire process is online. If you have questions, please contact
NOTE:  For assistance with online course and syllabus design and development, contact the Center for Faculty Excellence - | 419-372-6898