Chantelle's Story

I am a senior, Individualized Studies major from Cleveland, Ohio. I am a member of Alpha Phi sorority and currently serve on the Panhellenic Council as the Vice President for Standards. I am a Student Assistant in the office of Campus Activities as well as a FALCON in the Division of Student Affairs. I have previously served as an Orientation Leader and an Orientation Team Leader. In the past year I have attended the LeaderShape Institute, and I am currently working to complete the Leadership Certificate Program. 

I started utilizing the Off-Campus Services in 2013 when I moved from my sorority to a house with 4 other roommates off-campus. Living off-campus has been both a challenge and a reward. With living off-campus comes great responsibility and independence, more so than I ever felt while living on campus as a first and second year student. I have quickly learned the importance of personal and fiscal responsibility. When I moved off campus, I immediately became a member of the city community. For me this meant exploring the resources that are available to community. As an active student leader, living off campus offered opportunities to get involved with more than just campus involvement. I dove into opportunities such as the city library and volunteering at the senior center. Additionally, I have learned the importance of communication and compromise.  My roommates and I have developed a system that meets our individual needs and helps us live harmoniously. Together we have figured out a method of coordinating our fiscal responsibilities and the importance of budgeting our money. It has truly been a blessing to live independently in an environment that provides opportunities for students to learn these important life skills.

I am grateful for the opportunities that living off-campus has provided and appreciate the challenges that have come with this experience. BGSU has a supportive staff that sets students up for success. I encourage students to take ownership of their off-campus experience and learn more about the resources and services that are provided. Through the Office of the Dean of Students, campus resources focused on a range of aspects related to one’s off-campus experience can be identified and utilized. Additionally, making an effort to embrace one’s role as a citizen of Bowling Green will result in a more fulfilling and rewarding relationship as a city resident.