Presenter Information

Invitation to Present!

The annual Women in STEM event which we will be hosting virtually this year on April 22 in partnership with Washington Local Schools.

This year's unique virtual field trip event will celebrate Earth Day with our 6th-8th grade female student audience with the theme 'Restore Our Earth'. (NOTE: Your individual sessions do not need to be an Earth Day theme, but they certainly can if you want!)

Our keynote presentation will be hosted by local Ohio author, Mary Kay Carsen. We are excited to couple STEM and literature! Mary Kay will feature one of her nonfiction STEM books and highlight an Earth Day topic. Each student participant will also receive their own copy of one of Mary Kay's books!

We invite you to facilitate a hands-on session (45 minutes) for a group of 20 students to highlight a STEM topic and/or career in order to instill awareness, excitement, and passion for STEM disciplines!

We are arranging to deliver Materials Kits to the schools prior to the event. So, if your session would involve hands-on materials (which we highly encourage) - we will pick them up from you (or assist in having you mail them to us) and get them into the participant's hands prior to the event.

Schedule for the day - April 22:

8:15-9:15 - Keynote Presentation - All attendees together
9:30-10:15 - Time Block A - 10 concurrent sessions
10:30-11:15 - Time Block B - 10 concurrent sessions
11:30-12:00 - Lunch Break (schools on their own)
12:15-1:00 - Time Block C - 10 concurrent sessions
1:15-2:00 - Time Block D - 10 concurrent sessions

As you can see, based on the schedule, we are recruiting for 40 sessions (sessions can also be repeated). 

Because this is a virtual event, we have 'space' to include more presentations than in the past. Can you please help us and perhaps give us any names of folks who may be interested in participating?


We are certainly grateful for your consideration in partnering with NWO to host this meaningful event!

Questions, contact Jenna Pollock at