2017 Symposium

2017 Keynote - Dr. Gabriel Matney
BGSU, Associate Professor
College of Education & Human Development

G Matney Headshot

Gabriel Matney taught middle and high school mathematics for five years. He began his teaching career in the rural schools and then was given an opportunity to create a mathematics program at an inner-city school for the state’s largest district. During this time he creatively energized the mathematics curriculum of the school with connections among STEM topics. These efforts led to engaged and successful learning by his students and earned him the District’s Teacher of the Year award. After his teaching career Gabriel earned his Masters of Science in Mathematics and his Ph.D. in Mathematics Education. He is currently an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education for Bowling Green State University in the College of Education and Human Development and serves as Vice-President for the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics and Vice-President of Publications for the Research Council on Mathematics Learning.

In his sixth year at BGSU, Dr. Matney has actively worked on 16 successfully funded grants that are designed to help in-service teachers create dynamic and minds-on classrooms that improve the learning of their students. His research centers on improving professional development for teachers and the development of preservice teachers as professionals. In addition to his grant work with teachers in northwest Ohio he has given more than 74 workshops across the United States, Thailand, South Korea, and Japan. He has 24 peer-reviewed research publications and 47 peer-reviewed research presentations. Additionally he has received scholarly grants to be a visiting Mathematics Education Professor for Khon Kaen University in Thailand and a Keynote speaker for the APEC-Tsukuba Conference in Japan.

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2017 Resources:

Keynote: Dr. Gabriel Matney, BGSU, Associate Professor, College of Education & Human Development

Presentation Slides  

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Elementary STEM Lessons and Resources for K-6
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Eight Mathematical Practices—Cubed!
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