Black Swamp Math Teachers Circle

Black Swamp Math Teacher Circle

We are very happy to be bringing Math Teachers' Circles to northwest Ohio!

Math Teachers' Circles started in 2006 and have since spread across the United States. Math Teachers' Circles bring together teachers and mathematicians to enrich the teachers' experience of mathematical problem solving. There are four goals:

  1. Increase the confidence of math teachers in problem solving.
  2. Deepen teachers' content knowledge through exploring mathematically rich problems and develop an arsenal of techniques to solving unfamiliar and challenging problems.
  3. Form long-term professional relationships among teachers and mathematicians, through regular, highly interactive meetings.
  4. Provide support for teachers who want to bring richer mathematical experiences to their students.

We would love to have you be part of this great adventure in mathematics. The 2021 sessions are FREE and open to K - 12 math teachers and college faculty/staff in northwest Ohio. 

Participants will receive:

  1. Great professional development.
  2. Networking with mathematicians, higher education faculty and other classroom teachers.


Black Swamp Math Teacher Circle meetings will be on the following dates and times:


If you would like more information, please contact Dr. Gabriel Matney, Bowling Green State University, at

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