Winter Session for Military Students

BGSU has added an optional 3 week Winter Session to provide additional and flexible academic opportunities. Work schedules or other responsibilities may limit the time you have available to study abroad, conduct research, or take an additional class during the Fall, Spring, or Summer sessions. The Winter Session will provide new opportunities for participation in various options that may enhance your academic experience.

Fall Semester 2018 Dates:  August 27th – December 14th

Winter Session 2019 Dates:  January 2nd – January 23rd

Spring Semester 2019 Dates:  January 28th – May 17th

Registration for Winter Session is open to all students. Students may register for up to six credit hours; requests for more than six credit hours must be made to your academic advising office.

Academic opportunities may occur on campus, online, or another location, but are not limited to; study abroad, studying elsewhere within the U.S., community-based learning (service-learning) courses, conducting research/scholarship/creative activities with a faculty mentor, or fulfilling a BG Perspective or upper division major class.

What this means for Military benefit users:

Military students using VA benefits who take classes will need at least 4 credit hours to be considered full time by the VA (3 credits is considered ¾ time). Students who elect not to take classes will not receive education benefit payments during the Winter Session.

Example: If you attended in the Fall term you would receive a partial payment at the end of December closing out the Fall term. If you start the Spring Term without attending the Winter Session you will not receive a VA payment until the end of February. This means that you will go two months without a VA payment. This situation will make finances tight for those who rely on their VA payments to pay for necessities.

As you begin to schedule Fall classes we recommend that you make an appointment with your academic advisor to go over your degree plan. It may be in your best interest to “save” courses such as BG Perspectives (general education core requirements) so they may be completed during the Winter Session. Please note that most military education benefits will only pay for courses required for your assigned major.

Students using only Tuition Assistance or the Ohio National Guard Scholarship will not be affected monetarily by Winter Session and may use those benefits as they would in any other session. 

If you have questions regarding Winter Session please contact:

  • Nontraditional and Military Student Services 
  • VA Certifying Officials

For more information please attend one of our Town Hall meetings on April 3rd and 4th from 1-2:30PM in the Bowen-Thompson Student Union multipurpose room on the second floor.