Academic Advising Information

What is Academic Advising?

Academic advising is a critical component of the course selection and registration process. During a one-on-one session students will meet with an academic advisor and map out appropriate courses for degree completion.

Who are Academic Advisors ?

Academic advisors are an important resource for students as you begin your academic career at BGSU. Academic advisors are people who care, people who listen, and they have a wealth of valuable information. Some are faculty who are experts in the field of study, some are staff with advanced degrees in counseling or related fields. Most have long-time experience helping other college students and know the ins and outs of succeeding at BGSU.

Students should see their academic advisor anytime they have a question about their classes, major, or other academic opportunities. Students should also see their advisors at least once each semester (preferably before registering for classes.) Advisors can answer all kinds of questions about topics such as studying abroad, registering for next semester's classes, changing majors, how to graduate in four years, raising grade point average, going to graduate school, and what to do if students are having trouble in class. Advisors assist students in planning each semester's schedule and help establish a long-term plan to fulfill requirements for graduation.

All first year students are required to see their advisor prior to registering for the next semester.

Every student can log on to MyBGSU and select the My Advisor link to see the name and contact information for their academic advisor, as well as their department and college office. Though advising systems vary across campus, usually once a student declares a major they are assigned a faculty advisor in the academic department of that major. Each BGSU college also has professional advisors located in the college offices. Students who are undecided about their college and or major choices receive advising services through the Office of Academic Enhancement's Pre-Major Advising program.

Often, academic advisors contact students by e-mail or phone. Students are expected to make appointments with their advisor when it is time to register for courses. To make the most of the advising experience students should prepare for advising appointments by maintaining a file of advising materials, keeping track of their academic progress knowing and completing program requirements, asking questions as the arise, and following through on their advisor's referrals and recommendations.

Academic advisors have one goal -  to help students achieve their academic, career and personal goals. Encourage your student to make the most of their BGSU experience by getting to know their academic advisor !

Explore Colleges

The Academic Programs are housed in Colleges, while the Pre-Major Advising Office houses students who have not declared a college or major. Students are strongly encouraged to review information about their College or Pre-Major Advising prior to attending the Orientation & Registration program.

CONSIDER Your Academic Interest

Explore the Admission's Majors & Programs page or the college sites to find out information about majors that might be of interest to you.

THINK ABOUT Your Favorite Subjects

Browse the BGSU Course Catalog. This will help you identify some courses you might enjoy during your first year. Ask your advisor if some of these courses might be appropriate.

Other Helpful Resources