Pillars of Success

Your journey at BGSU begins with your first steps as a student taken at SOAR. To guide your first steps and set you on the path to success, we established the Pillars of Success: Academic Success, Career Development, Leadership & Engagement, and Personal & Fiscal Responsibility. You are encouraged to focus your experience around these four outcomes during your journey at BGSU, as the Pillars are the foundation to everything you engage in throughout your time here.  

Academic Success

Academic Success is the outcome of a holistic learning experience and the achievement of goals as a result of the development of a strong foundation of skills, knowledge, routines and actions.

Career Development

Career Development is the life-long process of identifying interests, values and skills while seeking and obtaining experiences and opportunities to identify and pursue possible career paths.

Leadership & Engagement

Leadership & Engagement is the intentional application of skills and involvement in experiences that support the achievement of personal, academic and career goals while seeking to build stronger communities in our world.

Personal & Fiscal Responsibility

Personal & Fiscal Responsibility is the acknowledgment of new freedoms and obligations, and the ability to make choices that result in positive outcomes for oneself and the surrounding community.