Working Paper Series 2009

A  collection of working papers written by faculty affiliates, researchers, and advanced graduate students, examining family structure and marriage topics of interest to family scholars, policy makers, and practitioners.

  • WP-09-14
    Manning, W. D., & Brown, S. L. (December 2009). "The Demography of Unions Among Older Americans: 1980-present."
    • Published in  in Handbook of Sociology of Aging.
      • Manning, W. D., & Brown, S. L. (2011). "The Demography of Unions Among Older Americans, 1980-Present: A Family Change Approach, Handbook of Sociology of Aging, Part IV; pp 193-210. DOI:  10.1007/978-1-4419-7374-0_13
  • WP-09-13
    Manning, W. D., Cohen, J. A., Smock, P. J., & Ostgaard, G. (October 2009). "Dating Couples' Views about Cohabitation: The Role of Social Context."
    • Published in Journal of Adolescent Research.
      • Manning, W. D., Cohen, J. A., & Smock, P. J. (January 2011). "The Role of Romantic Partners, Family, and Peer Networks in Dating Couples' Views About Cohabitation." Journal of Adolescent Research, January 24, 2011; doi: 10.1177/0743558410376833
  • WP-09-12    RB-09-02
    Trella, D. (October 2009). "Relationship Smarts: Assessment of an Adolescent Relationship Education Program."
  • WP-09-11
    Cavanagh, S., & Sullivan, K. (September 2009). "Family Instability, Early Social Competence, and Later Romantic Activity in Adolescence."
  • WP-09-10
    Giordano, P. C., Flanigan, C. M., Manning, W. D., & Longmore, M. A. (September 2009). "Developmental Shifts in the Character of Romantic Relationships from Adolescence to Early Adulthood."
    • Published in National Symposium on Family Issues: Early Adulthood in a Family Context.
      • "Developmental Shifts in the Character of Romantic Relationships from Adolescence to Early Adulthood." Volume 2, 2012. Published as part of the 18th Annual National Symposium on Family Issues with Penn State and the NCFMR doi: 10.1007/978-1-4614-1436-0
  • WP-09-09
    Mahoney, A., & Hernandez, K. M. (July 2009). "Sex through a Sacred Lens: The Longitudinal Effects of the Sanctification of Marital Sexuality."
  • WP-09-08    RB-09-03
    Fomby, P., & Sennott, C. A. (July 2009). "Family Structure Instability and Residential and School Mobility: The Consequences for Adolescents' Behavior."
    • Published in Social Science Research.
      • "Family Structure Instability and Mobility: The Consequences for Adolescents' Problem Behavior." (2013). Social Science Research, January 2013, Volume 42, Issue 1, Pp. 186-201.
  • WP-09-07    RB-10-01
    Bachman, H. J., Coley, R. L., & Carrano, J. (July 2009). "Distinguishing between Family Structure and Family Instability on Child Well-Being in Low-Income Families."
    • Published in Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology.
      • Published as "Maternal Relationship Instability Influences on Children’s Emotional and Behavioral Functioning in Low-Income Families." Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 39(8): 1149–1161. November 2011. doi: 10.1007/s10802-011-9535-1
    • Bachman, J. J., Coley, R. L., & Carrano, J. (2012). "Low-income mothers' patterns of partnership instability and adolescents' behavioral and emotional well-being." Journal of Family Psychology, 26, 263-273; doi: 10.1037/a0027427
  • WP-09-06
    Heard, H. E. (2009, July). "Family Instability and Adolescent Educational Success: The Accumulation and Timing of Family Transitions Across Childhood."
  • WP-09-05    RB-09-04
    Fomby, P., Mollborn, S., & Sennott, C. A. (July 2009). "Racial and Ethnic Differences in the Effect of Family Instability on Adolescents' Behavior."
    • Published in Journal of Marriage and Family.
      • Published as "Race/Ethnic Differences in Effects of Family Instability on Adolescents' Risk Behavior." Journal of Marriage and Family, 72(2), 234-253; doi: 10.1111/j.1741-3737.2010.00696.x
  • WP-09-04
    Rinelli, L. N. (July 2009). "Father Involvement Over Time and Differences by Union Status: A Comparison of Mother and Father Reports."
  • WP-09-03
    Roettger, M. E., Swisher, R. R., Kuhl, D., & Chavez, J. M. (July 2009). "Paternal Incarceration and Altered Trajectories of Marijuana and Hard Drug Use From Adolescence into Adulthood: Evidence From National Panels of U.S. Males and Females."
    • Published in Addiction, 2010; doi: 10.1111/j.1360-0443.2010.03110.x
  • WP-09-02
    Manning, W. D., Gulbis, A., Trella, D., & Lyons, H. (June 2009). "'Ain't Nobody in My Family Married': Social Context and Marital Social Capital."
  • WP-09-01
    Roettger, M. E., & Swisher, R. R. (March 2009). "Examining Racial Variations in the Associations of Father’s History of Incarceration with Son’s Delinquency and Arrest in Contemporary U.S. Society."
    • Published in Criminology.
      • "Associations of Fathers' History of Incarceration with Sons' Delinquency and Arrest Among Black, White, and Hispanic Males in the United States." Criminology, 49: 1109–1147; doi: 10.1111/j.1745-9125.2011.00253.x