2012 Archive

Presentations and posters addressing specific topics related to family structure and well-being given by NCFMR staff, faculty affiliates, and students during symposia, conferences, workshops, and annual meetings.
National Center for Family & Marriage Research (NCFMR)Fathers & Fathering in Contemporary Contexts 2012 Research Conference
American Sociological Association (ASA)
  • Wendy D. Manning, NCFMR Co-Director, CFDR Director, and BGSU Sociology Professor

Head Start (ACF), Research on Young Children and Families: Effective Practices in an Age of Diversity and Change
  • Melissa A. Barnett, University of Arizona, External Grantee
    • Contextual instability and the influence of mothers’ parenting behaviors on the developmental outcomes of Mexican American toddlers
    • Mexican American mothers’ romantic relationship quality and toddlers’ social competence and behavior problems: The role of nurturing parenting and child gender
Population Association of America (PAA) Conference
Society for Research on Adolescence (SRA)
  • Rebekah L. Coley, Jennifer Carrano, & Heather J. Bachman, NCFMR External Grantees
    • Lifetime family structure patterns and adolescent psychosocial functioning. In R. L. Coley (Chair), Beyond family structure: The influence of parental relationship instability on adolescent well-being. Symposium paper presented at the biennial meeting.
Archived Presentations