Jeff Zook


Position: Visiting Flute Professor


Described as having a “resonant flute tone and suave phrasing” by the Detroit Free PressJEFF ZOOK is a globally renowned flutist, educator and orchestral musician. A member of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra flute section since 1992, Mr. Zook holds degrees from the University of Michigan, the Royal Northern College of Music and the Royal Academy of Music in London where he received the coveted Recitalists’ Diploma.  Highly in demand as a teacher, Mr. Zook is the DSO Applied Faculty of Flute at Oakland University. Past teaching appointments have included Visiting Professor of Flute at Western Michigan University and Professor of Flute at the University of Michigan.  He has served as the chairman of the National Flute Association Piccolo Committee and the past president of the Southeast Michigan Flute Association.