ClaZel Scheduling Guidelines

Guidelines for scheduling College of Musical Arts Events at the ClaZel Theatre

All College of Musical Arts events MUST be scheduled and confirmed through the Public Events Office.  This can be done the following ways:

  1. For small ensembles, traditional scheduling will be completed through the chair of performance studies during the spring semester for the following academic year;  Priority will be given to MACCM, Forefront & Jazz Area events; The CMA will not be responsible for transporting equipment;
  2. Additional events can be requested by faculty after traditional scheduling is done by filling out the Event Request Form; Please be sure to describe in detail the uniqueness of the event and specific production needs.  The CMA will not be responsible for transporting equipment.
  3. Once event is approved, faculty must present the approval form to the Clazel Theatre to check and confirm availability.

Please note that events approved to be held at the Clazel will generally be in the jazz or contemporary music genre and will be approved based on uniqueness, appropriateness to the venue, quality, availability and/or production needs.  Depending on the above criteria, this may or may not include graduate student recitals.  No undergraduate student recitals will be permitted. No additional rehearsals can be scheduled in the venue prior to the night of the performance.