Huge accomplishment for Jonathan Taylor de Oliveira (DMA)

de Oliveira - Brazilian Recital Tour - Federal University of Uberlndia.jpeg

The Brazilian-American pianist Jonathan Taylor de Oliveira gave a Brazilian recital tour in early June. The repertoire consisted of Ludwig van Beethoven's Bagatelles Op. 126, Nos. 3 and 4 (1824), George Crumb's Eine Kleine Mitternachtmusik for amplified piano (2001), and Lera Auerbach's Preludes for piano, Nos. 22 and 24 (1998). He performed at the Camargo Guarnieri Hall - Federal University of Uberlândia and at the Belkiss Spencieri Mendonça Hall - Federal University of Goiás (his Alma Mater). His performance at the last venue was received with a standing ovation and an invitation to speak to the piano students about his experience studying in the United States. The pieces chosen for the recital tour reflect Mr. de Oliveira's teaching, research, and performance practice philosophy - that the performance of New Music and Standard Repertoire inform and complement each other. His work reflects the importance of working with these two genres side by side.

Mr. de Oliveira is a doctoral student at Bowling Green State University studying New Music - piano performance under Dr. Solungga Liu.

Updated: 07/08/2020 03:06PM