BGSU composition alums Erin Rogers and Benjamin Taylor win 2019 Barlow Commissions!

The Barlow Endowment for Music Composition at Brigham Young University proudly announces commission winners for 2019. In considering 200 applications in our General and LDS commissioning programs, the Endowment granted $87,000 to 15 composers who will write works for the following ensembles and musicians:

Katherine Balch (Exceptet), Rohan Ravi Chander (Chromic), Takuma Itoh (Albany Symphony), Tonia Ko (Parhelion Trio), Andrew Maxfield (Salt Lake Symphony), Alyssa Morris (Richmond Symphony), David Reminick (Wendy Richman), Steve Ricks (SPLICE Ensemble), BGSU alumna Erin Rogers (Kamraton), Kyle Shaw (Daniel Edwards), Joseph Sowa (Hub New Music), Jonny Stallings (Ned McGowan and Bart DeVrees), BGSU alumnus Ben Taylor (Symphonic Youth Orchestra of Greater Indianapolis), George Tsontakis (F-Plus), and Craig Woodward (Adam Woodward).

The judging panel included the Endowment’s Board of Advisors: Daniel Bradshaw, Chen Yi, Ben Sabey, and Neil Thornock. Dan Visconti served as a guest judge during all deliberations, and Crystal Young-Otterstrom, Reed Criddle, and Jeremy Grimshaw served as guest judges during General Commission deliberations. Kate Ellis (Crash Ensemble), Emi Ferguson (New York New Music Ensemble), and Lisa Kaplan (Eighth Blackbird) represented the performing consortia in selecting the Barlow Prize.

Updated: 08/12/2019 04:20PM