KEAR Application Information

The KEAR application requests the following items. Although the application process can be completed in multiple sessions,  applicants are encouraged to prepare submissions ahead.

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Name/Email address/Physical address/Phone number/Website


_ freelance composer

_ faculty member (list institution and rank)

_ student (list institution and standing)

Residency period: (I am available to visit)

_ Fall 20xx

_ Spring 20xx

_ I can visit either fall or spring

Project Title

Project Description (4500 characters maximum; approx. 850 words):
Please provide a detailed explanation about your project including its concept, resources required, and a timeline for completion.

Rationale (1000 characters maximum; approx. 200 words):
Please explain how your proposed project will make use of the BGSUElectroacoustics 10.2 multi-channel/first order Ambisonics studio.

Biographical Statement or CV (2500 characters maximum)

Work Examples:
Please provide up to three links where jurors can assess your creative and/or research output. Composers may submit a maximum of 30 minutes of music or 3 compositions. Researchers may submit up to three papers. Links may be to websites, SoundCloud, YouTube, or Dropbox. Please provide a brief description about the files located at the link location.

Reference (student applicants only):
Please list one reference who can speak about your abilities and your likely success in completing your proposed project. (Name, Title, Email, Phone)

Residency Agreement:
By selecting “Submit” below, I affirm my intent to apply for the Klingler Electroacoustic Residency. In doing so, I understand that:

If selected, I will receive the following compensation:

  • Airfare or mileage reimbursement to/from Bowling Green (up to $1500 and adhering to Bowling Green State University travel regulations)
  • On-campus housing
  • $150 meal card
  • $150 honorarium
  • Unlimited access to the BGSUElectroacoustics MC/A studio for two weeks (14 days)

If selected, my obligations to BGSUElectroacoustics will include:

  • Working in the studio and residing in Bowling Green for two weeks (14 days)
  • Presenting two music technology course lectures – topics to be agreed upon with the course instructors. (75-minutes each)
  • Teaching up to four 30-minute lessons to students composing electroacoustic pieces.
  • Presenting one informal lecture and demonstration on the project at the residency’s end. (75-90 minutes)
  • Engaging in interviews (audio and/or video) photography sessions, and other press-related endeavors with BGSU Marketing and Communications, to be used by BGSU at its discretion for publicity and archival purposes
  • Serving on a future KEAR jury

By signing below I understand and agree to the terms of the Klingler Electroacoustic Residency (KEAR) as outlined above and will actively participate as a resident during the award period.