Multicultural Interactions Workshop

Multicultural Interactions Workshop (Audience: Faculty, Staff, and Community):

Multicultural Interactions Workshop is a 90 Minute to Two-hour long workshop (Preferably 2 hours) that provides critical reflection on perspectives of our past and an opportunity to look at past experiences in order to see how those experiences impact current thinking and behaviors regarding microaggressions in classroom, workplace and community. The workshop also examines the benefit of revising developing authentic work relationships that facilitate inclusive work and classroom environments. The workshop is designed to be interactive and reflective using different techniques such as small PowerPoint Presentation, small group discussion and talking circle. This workshop also allows participants to begin paying attention on how past learned experiences and messages may still influences how we interact with people now.

Multicultural Interactions Goals:

- Introduce the concept of microaggression.
- Discuss ways in which we can minimize and combat macroaggressions.
- Facilitate improving the campus climate, particularly for marginalized groups.

Multicultural Interactions Learning Objectives. Participants will:

- Be able to define microaggressions and all its three sub-categories of microaggression
    (microinsult, microassault, microinvalidation)
- Be able to identify some impacts of microaggression.
- Recognize the importance of ending microaggressions.

When:  Friday, March 24, 2017

Time:  3:00 – 5:00 PM

Where:  BA 102

Cross-Cultural Communication Workshop (Audience: Faculty, Staff, and Community):

Cross-Cultural Communication Workshop is a 90 Minute to Two-hour long workshop (Preferably 2 hours) that facilitates understanding people from different cultural groups. This workshop provides supports for working together and how we can minimize cultural misunderstandings when working collaboratively with international students, faculty and staff. It can also enable the development of better collaborations and partnerships. This workshop utilizes mixed techniques from group discussion, storytelling, picture illustrations, and discuss strategies to minimize misunderstanding. 

Cross-Cultural Communication Goals:

- Challenge participants to learn about the ways people from different cultural backgrounds and countries think, communicate, and behave based on the value systems, worldviews, and narratives that ground them.
- Introduce some fundamental patterns of cultural differences such as High Context Culture vs. Low Context Culture, High Social Contract vs. Low Social Contract, and Individualism vs. Collectivism to name a few.
- Identify one’s own cross-cultural sensitivity and level of understanding.
- Identify some challenges of working with others whose culture is different from own.
- Discuss strategies to better engage in cross-cultural communication.

Cross-Cultural Communication Learning Objectives. Participants will:

- Able to identify some cultural references and behaviors that rooted in the fundamental patterns of cultural differences presented   in the workshop.
- Begin to recognize own cultural scheme and reflect on its potential implications on communication styles and expectations.
- Develop appreciation for diverse perspectives and experiences while continues to value critical inquiries to enhance mutual understanding.

When:  Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Time:  3:00 – 5:00 PM

Where:  BA 100