Together We Ball: Kickball Edition

On Sept. 21, 2018, kickball was the game for Together We Ball. Together We Ball was launched by the BGSU Office of Multicultural Affairs in partnership with the Campus Police Division in 2016 as a friendly basketball tournament designed to build a bridge between communities of color and local law enforcement. The success of those events prompted the expansion of the program this year to include kickball, which will provide more interaction between the groups and extend an opportunity to include those who don’t play basketball, according to Sheila Brown, interim director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs. Spectators cheered on the teams, enjoyed the music provided by D.J. Silk, and won BGSU swag at the event held at the Perry Field House. Footage from Together We Ball was captured by BG24 News Anchor / Reporter Dominic Ferrante

Watch video footage from Together We Ball: Kickball Edition

Multicultural Talent Showcase

The Office of Multicultural Affairs' Multicultural Talent Showcase displayed the artistry of BGSU students on September 26, 2018. The students came from all across the university and from different disciplines, as well as backgrounds. Their performances were not always related to their field of study at BGSU. These performances illustrate how we can use art to promote diversity and inclusion. Behind the scenes footage was captured by BG24 News Anchor / Reporter Dominic Ferrante.

Watch video footage from the Multicultural Talent Showcase

BG plans MLK tribute at PAC on Friday

Bowling Green's 29th annual tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will be on Friday beginning at 1 p.m. at the Performing Arts Center, 530 W. Poe Road. This year's keynote speaker will be Tuskegee airman Dr. Harold Brown, as well as Dr. Marsha Bordner, whose speech will be titled "Keep Your Airspeed Up: the Story of a Tuskegee Airman." Musical selections will be performed by the Bowling Green High School Madrigals along with Sheila Brown & Kingdom M'Powerment Praise Team. The city's Human Relations Commission Honor Roll "Drum Major for Peace" recipient will be recognized. The event is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.

Contact the City of Bowling Green with any questions at 419-354-6204.

University experiences increase in diversity

The Chronicle of Higher Education reported that college freshmen are more diverse than the nation as a whole because of the diversity of younger generations and a greater focus by colleges on developing diverse enrollments.

Native American Heritage Month kicks off with Cherokee speaker

The Office of Multicultural Affairs started their Native American Heritage Month event series by hosting a kickoff dinner on Tuesday at the Mileti Alumni Center.

Police promote positive partnerships

In the midst of police brutality and gun violence, the Office of Multicultural Affairs’ Ethnic Student Center and the Office of Residence Life’s SMART Program hosts Real Talk with Real Cops.

Latino Arts Extravaganza gets active

The Second Annual Latino Arts Extravaganza displays the history of Latino culture through the compositions of music and dance.

Safe spaces provide students with resources

Providing safe spaces for students has been the essential part of inclusivity at the University.

Faculty crowned for more homecoming involvement

The first ever University faculty/staff homecoming king and queen both hail from the Office of Admissions. Cerita Fowler, senior admissions counselor, and Van Wright, assistant vice provost for strategic enrollment, were crowned with the titles Tuesday night.

Big Gay Welcome welcomes LGBTQ community

Students at the University witnessed Oreo races, poetry, live music and drag performances in the Lenhart Grand Ballroom on Thursday night. These activities were part of the University’s annual Big Gay Welcome, an event which introduces LGBT students to the resources and organizations available to them.

Big Gay Welcome introduces students to resources

Students at the University witnessed Oreo races, poetry, live music and drag performances in the Lenhart Grand Ballroom on Thursday night. These activities were part of the University’s annual Big Gay Welcome, an event which introduces LGBT students to the resources and organizations available to them.

MLK Day gets students serving others

On Jan. 18, University students, staff and other faculty members participated in the ninth annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. Last year, 721 volunteers went out to 45 challenge sites and completed 2,648 hours of service, according to the University’s MLK Jr. Service Learning website. This year, 715 people volunteered and 1,909 service hours were completed.

Black Student Union celebrates Kwanzaa

With the holidays in full swing, many students may be aware of the traditions of Christmas and other holidays. However, not many students may know the traditions and culture of the African American holiday, Kwanzaa.

Police panel for change

A panel of six University and Bowling Green Police Department (BGPD) police officers discussed how they plan to foster a better relationship with students and the University on Tuesday. The event, which was held in the Union theatre at 6 p.m., was co-sponsored by the Office of Multi-Cultural Affairs Ethnic Study Center and the Office of Residence Life SMART Program.

Latinos can feel unheard by politicians

With the upcoming national election gaining media attention every week, conversations about political diversity issues are growing on campus. The Office of Multicultural Affairs continued their Ethnic Student Center Dialogue Monday evening by dissecting how the Latino community is affected by their elected officials. The programming also looks to celebrate Latino Heritage Month here at the University.

Performances bring life to Big Gay Welcome

Big Gay Welcome started off the year on stage with drag performances, poetry readings and heartfelt awareness to the violence that specifically surrounds trans woman of color on Thursday, Sept. 3. The event was hosted by the Office of Multicultural Affairs and hosted by Chris Lanton and Nadia Alzamami in the Union Ballroom. Music was provided by DJ Sage and food by University catering services.

Office of Multicultural Affairs organizes talent show for diversity

On Wednesday night, the Office of Multicultural Affairs in collaboration with the New Student Organization (a first-year program) put together a talent show focusing on the diverse nature of Bowling Green’s community.

Wes Hall speaks at 16th annual Black Issues Conference, hosts 16 different topics for students, faculty

While the future of the issues conferences may be still unknown, the 16th annual Black Issues Conference [BIC] went on as scheduled Saturday and was the best yet, said the associate director in the Office of Multicultural Affairs [OMA] and chair of the Black Issues Conference planning committee Sheila Brown.

Four Chinese acrobats perform different stunts for community members at the Bowling Green Middle School

On Dec. 6, the Bowling Green community, faculty and staff came together to view a performance never experienced before in Bowling Green, the Chinese Acrobats. Sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs, the program was held at Bowling Green Middle School at 7 p.m. Krishna Han-Frey, assistant director for Diversity Education Programs, was the coordinator of the event.

Students celebrate Kwanzaa, look to culture for community

Before third year ethnic studies major Gregory Harrison came to the University, he didn’t know much about Kwanzaa. He attended the 16th annual Kwanzaa Celebration during his first year and has been celebrating it every year since.

Director’s experience traveling around the globe encourages acceptance of others

There are nearly 200 countries on Earth and Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs Krishna Han has not visited all of them, but he seems to be well on his way. Han grew up in Cambodia and was an undergrad in the country before moving to Japan, where he received his master’s and Ph.D. He then came to the United States to reunite with his family and finally relocated to Bowling Green, where he originally worked on a local political campaign to rid of a discriminatory law.

21st Latino Issues Conference gives people venue to voice opinions

Those interested in issues of social justice, immigration and both the LGBTQ+ and Latino communities were given a venue to voice their opinions at the Bowen-Thompson Student Union on Thursday. The 21st Latino Issues Conference, sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Latino Student Union, took place from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. in both Lenhart Grand Ballrooms and the Multipurpose Room.

University’s Ethnic Student Center, consisting of students and faculty, talk about national issues every Wednesday at 5 p.m.

In part one of a discussion series put on by the University’s Ethnic Student Center, students and faculty met Wednesday, Sept. 10 to discuss the events that took place in Ferguson, Missouri this past month. Derron Borders, graduate coordinator for multicultural education in the office of Multicultural Affairs, hopes students were able to come with an open mind.

Students perform at Multicultural Talent Showcase in Union

Kelli Jordan was one of the many students that attended the 6th Annual Multicultural Talent Showcase Wednesday night. She loves attending talent shows and was excited for the different talents that were going to be performed. Planning the talent show in the late spring, Shelia Brown, the showcase coordinator said the Office of Multicultural Affairs didn’t have a lot of time to piece together the talent show but they were all able to come together to figure out different events to give students a diverse array of things to do.