Reimagining BGSU's Learning Spaces

"Traditions to Tomorrow" represents the single largest investment in academic buildings and learning spaces in the history of Bowling Green State University. Over the next seven years, the University will reimagine learning spaces throughout its Bowling Green campus. The academic core will be revitalized through the renovation, construction or demolition of more than a dozen buildings.

The primary goals of the program include:

  • Creating next-generation teaching and learning spaces that support evolving teaching pedagogies,
  • Better aligning facilities to meet the needs of the University's academic programs, and
  • Locating complementary academic disciplines in campus "neighborhoods" to allow closer collaboration.

Master Plan Timeline:

In Progress

Maurer Center - Schmidthorst College of Business will be completed fall of 2020


Executive team organized
Data gathering
Formation of the visioning group
Planning and concept design
New academic space plan
Olscamp prototype academic space
Kuhlin Center
University Hall renovation
Moseley Hall renovation


An Executive Planning Team that includes senior University administrators, a nationally recognized architectural firm, a construction management firm, and a program management firm has begun the planning process. This work includes space planning, modeling, and utilization studies for all academic space that is to be added or improved. The result of this effort will be recommendations on the type, quantity and location of teaching and learning spaces such as classrooms and faculty offices. It will also lay out timelines for phases of implementation, including schedules for demolition, construction and the use of temporary space. The executive team will also present concept designs for all major building projects.  


Input from students, faculty and staff is being gathered throughout the planning and implementation of the program. Of particular importance is the Academic Visioning Group made up of teaching faculty and students. They are responsible for establishing the vision for the next generation of learning spaces. This includes providing planning guidelines for classroom sizes, technology and support systems, and other aspects.

Initial Projects

Following space planning and modeling, the initial renovation and construction projects will focus on BGSU's Traditions Buildings - Moseley, University, Hanna, and South halls. The interiors of the buildings will essentially be gutted, allowing the University to maintain the architectural charm of the three turn of the century buildings while creating modern classrooms and learning spaces inside.


Moseley Hall is now the home of Introductory Science Laboratories

More information on Moseley Hall


Kuhlin Center is now the new home of the School of Media and Communication.  

More information on the Kuhlin Center


The second floor of Olscamp Hall has been renovated, creating state-of-the-art learning spaces that include classrooms, common spaces, project workrooms and study spaces. This prototype space will allow us to conduct real-world tests of our designs and concepts and make improvements as we move forward.

Later Projects

MAURER - Schmidthorst College of Business  

The state-of-the-art building will be open before classes start in fall of 2020 

More information on Maurer - Schmidthorst College of Business


The second and third floor of the Education Building have been renovated, creating state-of-the-art learning spaces.  


West Hall, Family Consumer Science Building, and Harshman have been demolished.