Student Recreation Center


Since opening in 1979, the Student Recreation Center has contributed to the quality of life for students, faculty, staff and community members using the facility. With contemporary renovations, the enhanced Student Recreation Center is a vital component to connecting the academic and co-curricular lives of students with programs and services designed to inspire an active and healthy lifestyle.

Weight/Cardio Room$500,000
Entrance Area$250,000
Additional Basketball Courts (4) or Multi Activity Court (MAC)$250,00 each
Men's and Women's Locker Rooms$100,000 each
Conference Room$100,000
Back Patio Space$100,000
Fitness Studios (2)$75,000 larger
$50,000 smaller
Departmental Office Suites$50,000 each
Wellness Resource Office Suites$50,000 each

Additional funding opportunities available. Total funding goal of $5 million.