College of Business


A new building for the College of Business is the signature project of BGSU’s campus master plan. Designed to create a culture of engagement, innovation and creativity, the building will be prominently located on a new entry court facing Wooster Street. Cutting-edge innovation labs, active learning classrooms, collaboration spaces, and a state-of-the art trading lab will be grouped around a multi-story forum that will encourage interaction and collaboration among students, faculty, alumni, members of the business community, and other visitors.

Forum/Presentation Space$2,500,000
Student Services Hub$2,000,000
Trading Room Lab$1,000,000
Administrative/Dean’s Office Cluster $500,000
Case Room$250,000
Executive Education Cluster$250,000
Large Lecture Hall$250,000
Centers/Institutes Cluster$250,000
Entrepreneurship Center Cluster$100,000
Small Lecture Hall$100,000
Large Classroom$100,000
Dean’s Office$100,000
Large Labs$50,000 - $100,000
Dean’s Conference Room $75,000
Small Classroom$50,000
Seminar Room$50,000
Other Conference Rooms$25,00 - $50,000
Small Labs$25,000

Additional funding opportunities available. Total fundraising goal of $25 million.