Food Justice and Equity

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Food Justice and Equity @ BGSU

In 2015, then BGSU President Mazey, signed the Presidents United to Solve Hunger Initiative. Since then, President Rogers has continued to make food security a campus priority through the Food Justice and Equity @ BGSU initiative. Food Justice and Equity @ BGSU is the food insecurity and justice initiative on campus supported by Civic Engagement in the C. Raymond Marvin Center for Student Leadership. This initiative seeks to empower students, staff, and faculty and community members to better address the issues of local, regional and global hunger by participating in education, research, direct service, advocacy, strategic planning and implementation.

Food Justice and Equity @ BGSU focuses on the larger issues surrounding food insecurity, including the social determinants of health. While this initiative still encourages and promotes direct service, it encourages people to think about the issues more deeply and have meaningful action items in place.

BGSU participated in a pilot survey and a mobile pantry program, both of which have become reoccurring events at BGSU. At BGSU, pilot data estimated that around 41% of students experienced some form of food insecurity, indicating that food insecurity is a real issue even in our community.

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A Student Perspective

Learn more about Food Justice and Equity @ BGSU (previously BGSU Ending Hunger) from former Student Program Coordinator, Hannah Koch.

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