Leadership Conference


The C. Raymond Marvin Center, in partnership with other departments on campus invites BGSU students to participate in the Fall Leadership Conference.

Save the date for this years conference! November 4th 2023.

First offered virtually in 2020, this semesterly event is an opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills no matter their prior experiences.

All student leaders will have opportunities to:
  • Explore their own personal values
  • Network with other student leaders
  • Develop the skills necessary to achieve personal, academic and professional success

How to be Gritty and Resilient Leaders | Ashley Hartman and Jessica Patton

A Marvel-ous Guide to Wellness and Life Design | Matthew Angerson and Sam Sanger

21st Century Leadership – Avengers Style | Kristine Ketel

It’s Real: College Students & Mental Health | Phil Hughes

Value Your Leadership: How Values-Based Leadership Helps You Craft your Leadership Philosophy | Emma Wilkin

Leading Teams & Navigating Conflict | Shontel Smith

Life is Chaotic: Leadership and Change Management | Claire Hoover, Stephen Matthews, and Gretchen Thomas

Taking the Next Step in Your Leadership | Javana Joyce & Rachel Sizer

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Student Organization Needs | Estee Miller & Beth Kropf

Care and Conviction Amidst Conflict and Chaos | Blessy McWan

The Middle Might | Stacey Allan

The Importance of Civic Engagement in Student Leadership | Nathan Halm and Patrick Caniglia

Paying for Service and Serving Donations | Courtney Taylor

The 8th C: Cultural Competence | Ana Brown

Teamwork and Tinker Toys | Beth Kropf

Designing Your Social Impact  | DeVona Smith and Betty Chelli

Reflective Leadership: The Power of Apologies | Claire Hoover

The Ted Lasso Playbook: Lessons from the Pitch | Gabe Dunbar, David Denison, and Katrina Heilmeier

Critical Hope as Leaders | Kaitlyn Burg

Dealing with Stress, Self-Care, Substance Abuse, and the Pandemic | Tavala Luciow and Morgan Alexander-Coster

Emotional Intelligence and Vulnerability in Leadership | Nicholas Menster and Remington Schneider

Inclusive Zoom Practices! | Javana Joyce and Joshua Auten

Lead with You | Conor McLaughlin and Darwins Olcima

Leadership Styles | Alexis Fankford

Stronger Together than We are Apart: Power of Intersectional Feminism | Rachel Jarvis, Courtney Chambers, and Zachary Noesen

Treat yo Self: Self Care Strategies for Better Leadership | Mikayla Russ and Remington Schneider

Understanding Privilege in Leadership Positions | Oscar Celis and Emma Pennington

BGSU Alumni Panel | Angel Staten, Darrell White, Jessee Hankins, Amanda Lynch, and Ashley Hartman

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