Falcon Leadership Institute


The Falcon Leadership Institute (FLI) is a year long program for first-year students that develops emerging leaders with the confidence, ability, and passion to be active and engaged leaders in their communities.

Applications for Fall 2022 are still open!

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Through a leadership development course and development meetings, FLI participants have the opportunity to attend a weekend leadership retreat, plan and implement a service project, and gain invaluable leadership experiences and insights during their first year at BGSU.

Students interested in the Falcon Leadership Institute must submit an application for acceptance.


The Marvin Center for Student Leadership and Civic Engagement’s Falcon Leadership Institute is a year long program that develops self-aware leaders who have the skills to build professional networks and create personal connections within their cohort and throughout campus. Additionally, FLI helps each student develop skills most sought after by future employers, including decision making, communication, and ability to work in a team structure. Guided by the ideals of servant leadership, students participate in service-learning and leadership projects that enhance the community. Participants begin earning the BGSU Leadership Achievement Award by learning the skills and competencies necessary for a successful life and career.

fli group funFalcon Leadership Institute members enroll in a 3-credit hour experience combining LEAD 1000 and BGSU 1910 courses. LEAD 1000: Foundations of Leadership is a leadership development course that gives participants the opportunity to plan and implement a service project, participate in personal, team, and professional development opportunities, learn valuable leadership skills and theories, and begin earning the BGSU Leadership Achievement Award. This course takes a deep dive into the study of leadership development and offers students information on how to get involved during their time on campus. BGSU 1910 is a course where students explore concepts of Life Design. Through this course, students are paired with a Life Design coach who is their guide, cheerleader and connector to resources and services for the four years of their college career.


The Falcon Leadership Institute's weekend leadership retreat will take place in September 2022. All FLI participants are required to attend and have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with their cohort. This weekend allows participants to participate in team-building activities with their cohort, learn about valuable leadership techniques such as group consensus, brainstorm your service project ideas, and take an in-depth personality assessment.

The C. Raymond Marvin Center for Student Leadership and Civic Engagement views mentorship as an important component in personal growth and individual leadership development. Mentors can serve as both role models and resources as you progress through college and into your professional career. All students participating in FLI are required to have an upper-class student mentor. This can be an individual who you identify on your own, or someone from the list of possible mentors. During the student’s first semester, they will connect with their mentor and establish goals that they would like to accomplish and expectations for how to accomplish them.

In keeping with the core values of Bowling Green State University, cohort members will be designing, coordinating, and implementing a service project that they will work on all semester. You will be divided into groups in your LEAD 1000 course and each group will participate in a service-learning project that enhances the community. By taking part in this project, cohort members help others, put the relational leadership model and servant leadership theory into practice, and represent BGSU and the C. Raymond Marvin Center for Student Leadership and Civic Engagement at its highest. Following the completion of the project, each group will also give a formal presentation on the project in front of campus community members. All group members must actively participate in planning the service project and final presentation.


You will be required to:

  • Enroll in a 3 credit hour LEAD 1000 course
  • Identify an upperclassman mentor and meet with them 3 times per semester
  • Plan and execute a service project to meet a need in the community with your group
  • Attend a retreat in the fall semester
  • Attend a portion of weekly developmental sessions, which will be offered in the Spring

Benefits of Falcon Leadership Institute:

  • Be a part of a cohort experience and develop relationships with students on campus passionate about leadership development
  • Learn about your personal leadership style, values, strengths and more through LEAD 1000
  • Impact the community through the completion of a service project
  • Build connections on campus with your instructors, life design coach, student cohort coordinators and the Marvin Center for Student Leadership
  • Develop the confidence, ability and passion to be an active and engaged leader
  • Gain skills most sought after by future employers, including decision making, communication and ability to work in a team structure

Incoming students are eligible to apply for FLI! The application can be found at the top of this webpage.

FLI’s participant numbers have increased since it started in 2014. Last year’s cohort was about 175 participants. Your LEAD 1000/BGSU 1910 course will have around 23-25 students.

  •  The service project is an opportunity for students to plan, coordinate, and implement a project in order to create a meaningful experience that will benefit the community.
  • You will work in a group in your LEAD 1000 class to plan your service project. First you must identify a need in the area and then plan a project to address that need.
  • Class time will be given to work on some components of the project, but some out of class work will be necessary
  • Groups in the past have done a variety of projects including serving a meal at the Ronald McDonald House, and collecting items to donate to food pantries/homeless shelters, etc.

You are able to pick your own mentor, who should be an upper-class student such as a Resident Advisor, someone you know on campus, student organization member, co-worker, etc.)

If you are unable to identify your own mentor, we have a list of previous FLI students who have indicated they are interested in being a mentor. You can pick from this list or we will match you with someone based on shared interests you may have with that person.

You are required to attend 3 mentor meetings per semester, at a minimum of 45 minutes each. You are more than welcome to meet with your mentor more!Topics for discussion will be provided.

The leadership achievement award is earned by students who become involved on campus, attend workshops and other events, and designing their own experience. FLI helps you get started on this by teaching you many of the learned competencies you must reflect on for the achievement award.

Students in FLI are expected to take a combined 3-credit hour course load (2 credit hours for a LEAD 1000 class and 1 credit hour BGSU 1910 course) during the fall semester.

You will also attend a retreat and plan a service project during the fall semester, in addition to 3 mentor meetings.

For the spring semester, you are expected to have 3 mentor meetings. Instead of a course, we will host weekly developmental sessions and bonding activities. You are required to attend a portion of these activities, which are all offered on various times and days.

LEAD 1000 is a class that is required for all students in the Falcon Leadership Institute

LEAD 1000 is a semester long class, whereas FLI is a year-long program

During LEAD 1000, you will complete your service project, explore social identities, strengths, values, leadership theories and much more

As stated, LEAD 1000 concludes in the fall semester, and FLI members are invited to attend weekly developmental sessions and bonding experiences during the Spring.

LEAD 1000 is a 3-credit course offered in the fall semester of every year only.

This course takes a deep dive into the study of leadership development and offers students information on how to get involved during their time on campus. You will discuss different leadership theories and models, learn about team work and collaboration, and spend the semester building healthy relationships with your cohort and instructors.

Upon acceptance into the program, you will be able to register for a LEAD 1000 section like normal during orientation. 

If you have additional questions about the Falcon Leadership Institute, or any other Marvin Center programs, please email us at marvincenter@bgsu.edu or call our office at 419-372-9623

Past Falcon Leadership Institute Members


Instructors: Sarah Loeffler and Jacob Morton-Black

Brooke Barman
Lexie Beckman
Brandon Bliss
Isabelle Boker
Marissa Boyd
Alexa Burak
Lillian Daughton
Selena Dominguez
Lydia Ellinger
Katelyn Estle
Lizzy Gafner
Alexander Gillman
Alexandra Hoffer
Larissa Jones
Jocelyn Jurcevich
Maureen Lambacher

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant: Kendell Davis

Brandi Newberry
Sydney Price
Jarrett Prizel
Abby Reynolds
Dana Richards
Donald Rowland
Mikayla Russ
Alexa Stout
Chase Tyler
Alexis Uplinger
Leon Wang
Julianna Wheatley
Joshua Zweizig


Instructors: Blaze Campbell and Yan Xiong

Angela Agati
Madison Baltimore
Robert Barno
Megan Bingham
Napoleon Bradford
Rachael Brandel
Canyon Caldwell
Maya Carr
Hallie Cunningham
Brianagh Dean
Julie Dibble
Kara Dishon
Gabrielle Fleming
Will Hawkins
Sarahkathryn Henderson
Elizabeth Johnston
Alexander King
Rebekah Kissling
Emileigh Kleps

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant: Armando Prince

Joshua Lawless
Justice Long
Alyssa Loushin
Haley Lutz
Uzochi Nwauwa
Hugh O'Neill
Libbey Phipps
Mason Pugh
Alexander Rhea
Anna Roach
Kiley Sabo
Graham Steed
Chelsee Washington


Instructors: Hunter Bowers and Emily Creamer

Kaylie Avery
Dana Braxton
Tristan Castor
Jillian Davis
Brenden Dean
Alaina Evinger
Gregory Harrison
Riley Hendrix

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant: Christopher Chandler

Brooke Hill
Paige Hostetler
Kennedy Knuth
Emily Marzari
Miarri Phillips
Samantha Schuh
Jackson Swartz
Kate Thomas


Instructor: Rabab Darwish

Ashley Adams
Kloe Atwood
Joshua Auten
Kaitlyn Balkcom
Hannah Bedinghaus
Katherine Biggie
Hayley Carter
Mikensi Ehlinger
Libby Farren
Kathryn Fassih
Xavier Gschwind
Gabrielle Gurley
Alexis Heath
Bailey Hettinger

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant: Nicole LaCroix

Stephanie Kafer
Alexander Kennedy
Rachel Larsen
Sydney Limbert
John Noegel
Kaileigh Oldfield
Leila Oswalt
Sarah Painter
Emily Remer
Mackenzie Robertson
John Robinson
Lindsey Schneeg
Alexa Tenney
Anna Zdrojewski


Instructors: Rachel Kaltwasser and Jason Nankivell

MacKenzie Cameron
Magnus Collins
Katherine Conrad
Emma Ellerbrock
Ariel Fellenstein
Chase Fleece
Emmanuel Gaither
Sarah Giesy
Chloe Gomez
Annelise Gomez
Jordan Gresh
Drake Harlett
Ava Harper
Zachary Hotelling
Ash Kolsky
Kandyce Kreiner
Rudolf Kubasak

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant: Olivia Metcalfe

Emma Lamont
Reighann Marckel
Hannah May
Victor McDaniel Hopkins
Emily McKeen
Bree Meers
Andre Ramirez
Sam Shoemaker
Madilyn Slingwine
Samantha Smith
Tahlil Taalib Deen
Kyle Thompson
Morgan Tumbusch

Instructor: Conor Mclaughlin

Emily Andersen
Felix Bangert
Kyle Claus
Christina Conforto
Erin Czyznik
Hannah Davies
Victoria Deam
Mikayla Fitzpatrick
Anthony Fulco
Robert Howard
Zoe Hudson
Alyssa LaCava
Molly Marody

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant: Kathryn Smith

Cali McQueen
Savannah Meeker
Andrea Moening
Tori Niese
Thomas Paul
Anthony Pichacz
Matthew Repasky
Madeline Royster
Julia Schwertner
Jillian Shelton
Savannah Sparks
Kara Stacy
Kassidy Thompson
Zachary Tubbs
Katherine Weller

Instructor: Kristen Hidinger

Albani Alexander
Kayla Cooper
Claudia Corso
Carolyn Dailey
Nicolas DeLucia
Meghan Dobbins
Rosiland Fletcher
Andrew Gallagher
Michael Johnston
Nicole Lacroix
Aaron Lehane
Aleah Martin
Delaney Megahan
Olivia Metcalfe
Taryn Molitierno
Robert Moots

Undergraduate Teaching Assistants: Caitlyn McNulty and David Via

Morgan Nance
Kaitlyn Noel
Marikate Polcyn
Cameron Riggenbach
Spencer Sawyer
Abigail Schaefer
Brooke Schlatter
Carolyn Smith
Psalm Steffen
Elizabeth Thompson
Chad Tucker
Daniel Weidmayer
Savannah West
Caileen Williams
Alyssa Williams
William Young

Instructors: Samantha Juarez and Michael Young

Keegan Bezenah
Grace Blandin
Jacob Boy
Kaleigh Dougherty
Madilyn Epley
Zu Forshee
Gretchen Foster
Louis Gonzales
Joelle Hess
Nicholas Jones
Raquel Jones
Courtney Kennedy
Heather Lammers

Undergraduate Teaching Assistants:
Matthew Nolan and Tamia Reditt

Veronica Menendez Figueroa
Michael Miller
Kaitlyn Molnar
Natalie Nieschwitz
Griffin Olah
Alayna Pearson
Mary Sebastian
Courtney Smith
Makenzie Stephens
Emma Trickey-Wazny
Blakely Watson
Spencer Wolf
Amya Worley

Instructor: Brittany House

Matthew Battaglia
Autumn Bowman
Macray Brown
Kathleen Cox
Kendell Davis
Abigail Dougherty
Emir Finn
Olivia Free
Niles Haibach
Olivia Hemmelgarn
Alyissa Horn
Allen Hursh
Alexander Jonovich

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant: Alyssa Brose

Maya Kirkling
Rachel Kubick
Bailee Lane
Benjamin Lawson
Brittany Massey
Imani McCullough
Kyle Miller
Thomas Moody
Armando Prince
Gabrielle Sheets
Brenna Smith
Chase Somodi
Madalyn Suscha
Madysen Vance
Rebecca Zak

Instructor: Beth Denzel

Madison Abner
Molly Bowman
Jordan Briggs
Christopher Chandler
Caitlyn Cupp
Anjolena Davis
Marisa Faass
Ryan Freeby
Emily Good
Natalie Goris
Brayden Hanshaw
Noah Kasper
Taylor Kitchen

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant: Estee Miller

Raine Lewis
Elizabeth Miller
Emma Montgomery
Jadyn Mummey
Ethan Price
Katlynn Pristas
Cole Reindel
Kazarah Smith
Ashton Spencer
Lamont Stahl
McKenzie Taylor
Caitlyn Webber
Cason Welly
Faith Wilker
Sydney Zavoda

Instructor: Megan Arnold
Graduate Intern: Emalie Chandras
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant: Ben Myers

Kimberly Brandle
Alyssa Brose
Ethan Daub
Stephanie Esterle
Maddison Fortman
Lauren Galloway
Richard Harrison Carter
Caitlyn McNulty
Estee Miller
Hannah Natzke
Jacob Newberg
Devany O'Neal
Jordan Parker
Constance Rathert
Alyssa Sansavera
Nathan Schwieterman
Andrea Sedlacek
Timothy Selhorst
Corynn Spahr
Kelsie Vaillant
Tiffany Voland

Instructors: Dr. Julie Snyder and Graduate Assistant Aryn Lipnieki

Paige Barton
Dominique Buchanan
Marissa Garrett
Audra Gill
Rebecca Good
David Homoelle
Kirsten Jones
Khayla Law
Chloe Metcalf
Amber Nunez
Nicholas Ocampo
Griffin Patterson
Kathryn Smith
Madalyn Smith
Lauren Strauss
Nioka Thacker
David Via
Ashlyn Victoria
Madelyn Wilkinson
Noel Wuesthoff
Ryan Zampounis
Molly Pierce

Instructors: Dr. Julie Snyder and Undergraduate Assistant Alison Bailey

Leah Allison
Allison Beaupry
Kathleen Blake
Abbianne Coil
Katelyn Eisenmann
Shelesha Evans
Stacey Fogt
Zu Forshee
Emily Heider
Diondre Lowery
BreAysia Moorer
Benjamin Myers
Madison Oettinger
Gabrielle Owens
Hanna Pittman
Devyn Russell
William Seger
Kyle Szwajkos
Isaiah Vazquez

Instructors: Dr. Julie Snyder

Alexa Busby
Rebecca Erwin
Shakeela Gary
Austin Gilbert
Sierra Mathews
Christina Moore
Halle Newson
Alexis Nichols
Nadia Oehler

Stephanie Surblis
Nick Frank
Maggie Dorian
Alyssa Collert
Dominic Badea

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