Sustainability Leadership Certificate


Registration has closed for Fall 2023. Registration for Spring 2024 will be open soon! 

The Sustainability Leadership Certificate (SLC) is a foundational program to help students learn how to integrate sustainability into their own leadership style.  This certificate, created by the C. Raymond Marvin Center for Student Leadership and Civic Engagement and the Office of Campus Sustainability, will help participants develop an understanding of basic sustainability concepts and methods to lead sustainably in group settings and in your community.  Additionally, participants will learn about how to advocate for sustainability and how to become an active citizen in society. The SLC incorporates foundational elements of the Social Change Model of Leadership and builds upon the Marvin Center’s values of integrity and purpose.

Session 1: Introduction to Sustainability and Leadership

Participants will learn about the fundamental aspects of sustainability and leadership through the context of the Social Change Model (SCM).

Session 2: Values of Sustainability and Leadership

Participants will focus on gaining an understanding of their socialization and how it contributes to their culture, interactions, relationships, and leadership style. Participants will also learn about power, privilege, and difference as well as microaggressions, racism, discrimination, and prejudice.

Session 3: Common Purpose and Sustainability

Participants will discuss ways to integrate sustainability into a group’s common purpose. They will explore the relationship of balancing sustainability with a group’s effectiveness.

Session 4: Collaboration to Build Sustainable Environments

Participants will focus on the methods individuals can use to build sustainable environments through shared responsibility, authority, and accountability while developing solutions to group or community issues. Additionally, participants will learn the value of relationships in the collaboration process through the lens of the Relational Leadership Model.

Session 5: Advocating and Effective Communication

Participants will learn and practice different types of advocating in order to understand how to communicate ideas effectively. They will better understand the importance of effective communication in making a vision into reality.

Session 6: Citizenship and Environmental Justice

Participants will create their own definition of citizenship. Through the lens of their definition, they will explore the connections between citizenship and environmental justice in a global context. They will gain a better understanding of how the world is interconnected and what individuals can do to promote environmental justice.

Session 7: Capstone Event

Participants will be able to come together as a group to discuss the topics covered in the SLC and how they will implement these lessons into their lives.

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