What's On The Ballot?


The easiest way to find out what is on your ballot is by visiting your Board of Elections website where they will have a list of candidates and issues on the ballot.  Visit the Ohio Board of Elections Directory  Below we have linked candidate and issue information for the home counties of the Bowling Green and Firelands campuses.

Wood County Board of Elections

Erie County Board of Elections (Firelands campus)

Image of Ohio and it's 88 counties

Other States

Out-of-state voters can find there ballot and other election information at the Campus Vote Project State Voter Guides website.

Hyperlink to Campus Vote Project student voter guides

Get Informed About Candidates and Issues

The tools below are great nonpartisan resources to learn more about candidates' positions, voting records, statements, and responses to questionnaires on various topics.  These resources can also help you learn more about what races and issues are on your specific ballot.

Updated: 01/03/2022 10:51AM