Leadership Achievement Award


The BGSU Leadership Achievement Award is a self-paced, comprehensive program in which students design their leadership journey by engaging in and reflecting on BGSU experiences.

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Students who receive the BGSU Leadership Achievement Award will develop leadership and team development skills that will aid and support their future career. The program is adaptable so all students can work toward achieving this distinguished recognition. To participate, students must answer yes to the following questions:

  • Are you interested in improving your leadership skills and abilities?
  • Are you or will you be an active student leader at BGSU?
  • Do you have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher?
  • Are you committed to giving back through community service?
The BGSU Leadership Achievement Award Advantage
  • Demonstrates student’s leadership and team development skills
  • Highlights developmental outcomes of each leadership experience
  • Assists students as they transition to leadership and team roles within a work environment

This pillar involves educational experiences we believe are crucial for leadership development, which include areas of focus such as group development, communication and conflict management. The pillar requires that students complete at least one (1) Marvin Center certificate and an additional leadership education experience.

Examples of leadership education experiences:
  • Safe Zone training
  • Leadership Academy
  • Relevant classes
  • LEAD 1000
  • Falcon Leadership Institute (FLI)
  • Conference sessions
  • Leadership retreat
  • Student Leadership Assistant workshops

We ask students to meet with a mentor at least three times each year they work toward earning the Leadership Achievement Award and submit a reflection for each year. Mentors can be any faculty or staff member on campus or in the community. Conversations should be on-going and intentional. If you don’t have a mentor, your coordinator can help you identify and reach out to someone!

Ideas for finding a mentor:
  • Supervisor at work
  • Academic advisor
  • Professor
  • Student organization advisor

Students must complete 80 hours of community service, with each individual experience counting for no more than 20 hours. We are looking for students to experience a diverse array of projects; we recognize an incredible amount of your growth and development comes from outside the classroom.

Examples of community service experiences:
  • BG Alternative Breaks
  • Humane Society
  • Conference/event volunteer
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service
  • Friday Night Lights
  • Dance Marathon

This is where you gain practical leadership experience and start to put your learning into action! We want to see students get involved in two ways:

  • In-Class Experiences: member in-class team or group projects
  • Co-Curricular Experiences: take on a formal or informal leadership role in a student organization or employment setting

Students will reflect on two experiences they have had over the course of their BGSU career for each category.

Examples of project and leadership experiences:
  • Student organization executive board
  • Conference/event planning committee
  • Class group projects
  • Scholarship/award committee
  • Working on a team during employment

The Capstone Experience

In addition to completing elements within the four pillars, students also complete a Cumulative Capstone Project. This is your opportunity to bring everything you have learned from the four pillars and create a meaningful project. It must be approved by your Leadership Achievement Award Coordinator and should involve a significant level of commitment and action.

Be creative and think of topics, initiatives, or areas of need in which you are passionate! Similar to the education requirements, we leave the capstone intentionally broad to include as many ideas as possible. Consult with your coordinator if you need examples or help brainstorming ideas!

Examples of Capstone projects:
  • Developing a position transition manual
  • Creating a peer mentoring program
  • Hosting a focus group
  • Organizing a large event
  • Conducting a research study
  • Coordinating a service project

Past Recipients


Madelynne Andrews

  • Position: Undergraduate Student Government, We Are One Team, BGSU Women's Swim and Dive Team

Capstone: BGSU Swim Fights Food Insecurity


Olive Batholomew

  • Position: Environmental Action Group, Bowling Green Alternative Breaks, Mindfulness Club, President's Leadership Academy, Undergraduate Advising and Academic Services

Capstone: Environmental Career Night


Ryan Bissman

  • Position: President's Leadership Academy, Alpha Tau Omega, Roundnet Club, Supply Chain Management

Capstone: Roundnet Club Strategic Plan


Kelsey Dietrich

  • Position: Health Peer Educator, VP of Student Wellness Network, Content Creator and President for BGSU Odyssey, Falcon Fitness Instructor, Clerical Assistant in the Psychology Dept., and Founding President of BGSU Yoga Club

Capstone: BGSU Yoga Club


Emily Good

  • Position: National Student Speech Language Hearing Association, Tour Guide, Feed My Starving Children, Falcon Leadership Institute (FLI)

Capstone: Difference of Disorder: Understanding Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Presentation


Julia Horter

  • Position: 2018 Orientation Leader, 2019 Orientation Team Leader, Biology 2050 Learning Assistant, Office of Pre-Professional Programs Intern, MEDLIFE Treasurer, American Society for Microbiology - President

Capstone: Multiple Mini Interview Workshop


Adreanna Klepec

  • Position: Various Psychology Research Opportunities with I/O faculty, Supplemental Instruction Leader for Learning Commons, Phi Sigma Pi (academic fraternity), Undergraduate Psychology Association

Capstone: Situational Leadership


Alli Kulbago

  • Position: BGSU Scene Shop; New Student Orientation: Opening Weekend Group Leader, Orientation Leader, and Orientation Team Leader; Homecoming Student Steering Committee; Alpha Psi Omega; MuTS (Musical Theatre Students); Broadway Cares BG; Education Abroad Student Ambassador

Capstone: Broadway Cares BG 2020: Stage to Screen


Estee Miller

  • Position: Past: Resident Advisor, Falcon Leadership Institute and Falcon Leadership Institute Teaching Assistant, Resident Student Association, Collegiate 4-H.
    Current: Undergraduate Student Government, University Activities Organization, Programming Assistant for Falcons After Dark, National Residence Hall Honorary, Omicron Delta Kappa

Capstone: Oakwood Clean Up Day


Adam Smith

  • Position: President of Omicron Delta Kappa, Administrative Assistant in the Center for Public Impact, Intern in the Office of Campus Sustainability, Member of the President’s Council on Sustainability and the Sustainability Advisory Council, Bowling Green Alternative Breaks (bGAB)

Capstone: Omicron Delta Kappa Cultural Book


Kathryn Smith

  • Position: Omega Phi Alpha, Student Leadership Assistant in the Marvin Center for Student Leadership, Falcon Leadership Assistant

Capstone: President Retreat for Omega Phi Alpha


Alyssa Tomins

  • Position: BGSU Votes, President's Leadership Academy, Student Supervisor for the BGSU Music Library, Move-In Coordinator for the Office of Residence Life

Capstone: Vote Before You Go


Drew Banzinger

  • Position: President’s Leadership Academy, Alpha Tau Omega, Information Systems Organization, College of Business Student Ambassador, Radio DJ at WBGU-FM

Capstone: University Ambassador Program


Courtney Bode

  • Position: President’s Leadership Academy, Club Volleyball and SICSIC.

Capstone: SICSIC


Bria Burse

  • Position: Undergraduate Student Government, LLC, Student Organization of Social Work, and Campus Outreach

Capstone: BGSU Creed Day


Lauren Galloway

  • Position: Student Leadership Assistant, a member of Alpha Phi Sorority’s Executive Board, and Active Dance Marathon participant

Capstone: Vice President of Risk Management Binder


Dwayne Gary

  • Position: University Activities Organization as the Vice President of Social Events, Voices at BGSU, Presidents Leadership Academy-2017 Cohort and an Academic Peer Mentor

Capstone: Detroit Police Department Inclusion Workshop


Joseph Goldblum

  • Position: Delta Sigma Pi, College of Business Student Ambassadors, Global Management & Leadership Society, College of Business Peer Leader, and a member of the Love Your Melon Campus Crew

Capstone: BA 2010 - Effective Networking & Presentation Skills


Kyland Kimble

  • Position: Orientation Leader, Academic Peer Mentor, BGSU Camp Counselor, The Falcon Marching Band,Tau Beta Sigma, and Alpha Phi Omega

Capstone: BGSU Stuttering Clinic


Allie Laber

  • Position: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Panhellenic Council as the Vice President of Service, Presidents Leadership Academy, Education Abroad, and the National Association of Social Workers Board of Directors.

Capstone: 4K for Cancer & Recruitment


JaNay Miles

  • Position: Sidney A. Ribeau Presidents Leadership Academy, Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students,  Pretty Brown Girls,  Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated

Capstone: Calre Spathelf


Tamia Redditt

  • Position: New Student Orientation, Office of Residence Life, Vice President of JSA, Homecoming Student Steering Committee

Capstone: Fam'Oly Means No One Gets Left Behind!


Paul Shen

  • Position: Alpha Phi Omega, H2O Church

Capstone: Empiricle Likelihood Tests


Cali Vaughn

  • Position: Presidents Leadership Academy, University Activities Office

Capstone: UAO Constitution


Mary Kate Kaufman

  • Position: Student Leadership Assistant, Delta Zeta, Dance Marathon, University Dance Alliance

Capstone: Practicing Mindfulness Session


Darya Budkina

  • Position: Graduate Student Ambassador, Graduate Student Orientation

Capstone: Novosibirsk State University project


Qu Twilley

  • Position: Student Leadership Assistant, Student Organization for Social Workers, Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society, SMART

Capstone: Hypermasculinity Workshop  


Harper Smith

  • Position: President's Leadership Academy, University Activities Organization, Academic Peer Mentor

Capstone: UAO Assessment  


Amy Holthaus

  • Position: Civic Action Leader, President's Leadership Academy, Colleges Against Cancer, 2017 Orientation Leader

Capstone: PLA Service Task Force  


Austin Gilbert

  • Position: SICSIC, Student Leadership Assistant, New Student Orientation, Alpha Tau Omega

Capstone: IFC Sexual Violence Prevention Series  


Eric Minus

  • Position: Orientation Team Leader, President's Leadership Academy, Feed My Starving Children, University Conduct Committee

Capstone: OL Retreat Manual  


Morgan Hollandsworth

  • Position: Rally Cap Sports, President's Leadership Academy, BG Human Relations Commission

Capstone: BGSU Stuttering Clinic  


Isaac Pritt

  • Position: Student Leadership Assistant, ECCO, Plastic Shatners, 4K for Cancer

Capstone: 4K for Cancer & Recruitment  


Maison DeWalt

  • Position: Student Leadership Assistant, President's Leadership Academy, Undergraduate Student Government, Honors Learning Community

Capstone: Ethical Leadership Certificate  


Madison Stump

  • Position: Student Leadership Assistant, Sigma Alpha Iota, LEAD, Law Society, Omicron Delta Kappa, Honors Fellow, Honors Learning Community

Capstone: HLC Cleans BG!


Janelle Bollheimer

  • Position: President's Leadership Academy, Undergraduate Student Government, Catholic Falcon Community, Women in Business Leadership, Omicron Delta Kappa

Capstone: PLA Interviews Overnight  


Katherine D'Angelo

  • Position: AIMS program, MEDLIFE, Learning Commons, undergraduate research

Capstone: MEDLIFE trips  


Erica Eskins

  • Position: AIMS program, Honors College

Capstone: Food Waste Composting Program  


Drew Ashby-King
Juantez Bates
Madeline Baumble
Ali Brown
Hannah Cubberly
Jake Dillon
Maureen E. Doyle
Kyle Jumper-Smith

Zack Jung
Jordan Lutz
Allana Meadows
Beau Mourer
Benjamin Myers
Richie Racette
Abby Wasserman
Katie Webb



Jayna Clemens

  • Position: Scholar in the Sidney A. Ribeau President’s Leadership Academy; Honors College Scholar; Colleges Against Cancer, President; Omicron Delta Kappa, President; Office of Multicultural Affairs Ambassador

Capstone: Colleges Against Cancer Leadership & Committee Position Manuals


Lauren Diehl

  • Position: BGSU Women’s Golf Team; College of Business, Student Ambassador Program; Student-Athlete Advisory Committee; Supply Chain Management Association; LeaderShape Academy;

Capstone: Getting to Know Your Team and Effective Communication


Margaret Dorian

  • Position: President-Women in Business Leadership; Student Ambassador-College of Business; Resident Advisor - Kreischer Complex; Vice President of Recruitment-Beta Alpha Psi; Professional Accounting Honorary

Capstone: President of Women in Business Leadership


Laura Francisco

  • Position: Arts Village; Student Leadership Assistant; Undergraduate Student Government

Capstone: Self-Care Fair


Rayia Gaddy

  • Position: Scholar in the Sidney A. Ribeau President’s Leadership Academy; Vice President of Leadership for Alpha Phi Omega; Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society Member; 2015 Homecoming Court

Capstone: Connecting Paths


Megan Hemmelgarn

  • Position: Student Nutrition Association; Rotaract

Capstone: Effectiveness of Food Demos to Increase Nutrition Knowledge


Ashley Hillis

  • Position: President of Student Alumni Connection; Sidney A. Ribeau President’s Leadership Academy; Vice President of Service Panhellenic Council; Chapman Learning Community; Chapman Leader

Capstone: President of Student Alumni Connection  


Sherilyn Klatt

  • Position: Resident Student Association; National Residence Hall Honorary; Desk Clerk

Capstone: Review Strategies in the Classroom


Shelbi Lindesmith

  • Position: Delta Zeta Sorority; Student Leadership Assistant; BG Alternative Breaks

Capstone: Leadership Focus Group


Alyssa Lustgarten

  • Position: Supplemental Instructor for Business Calculus; Membership Chair/ President-Elect of BGCTM; Honors College Ambassador; The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi; National Residence Hall Honorary; BGSU Student-Led Math Camp

Capstone: McComb Math Camp Co-Leader


Ashley Materise

  • Position: Sidney A. Ribeau President’s Leadership Academy; Kappa Kappa Gamma Women’s Fraternity; SICSIC

Capstone: Kappa Kappa Gamma Chapter Retreat


Kaylyn Messenger

  • Position: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Bowling Green Alternative Breaks; Participant Relations Chair; National Society of Leadership and Success

Capstone: Undergraduate Research in Emotional Maturity


Israelle Nelson

  • Position: Resident Advisor at Falcon Heights; Vice President of National Association of Black Accountants

Capstone: Hong Kong Study Abroad and Leadership Experience


Oluyemi Oyeniran

  • Position: Member of Graduate Student Senate; Teaching Associate BGSU Math and Statistics

Capstone: Senator for Graduate Student Senate


Ivory Price

  • Position: Sidney A. Ribeau President Leadership Academy; Kappa Delta Sorority; Student Leadership Assistant

Capstone: Logistics Coordinator, 2015 Annual PLA Leadership Retreat


Elizabeth Richley

  • Position: Resident Student Association; McDonald Hall Council; Mortar Board; National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association

Capstone: Creation of an Undergraduate Research Guide


Kelly Rowe

  • Position: Vice President of Standards on Panhellenic Council; Student Leadership Assistant; Pi Beta Phi

Capstone: Vice President of Standards for Panhellenic Council


Emily Skibski

  • Position: FALCON for the Division of Student Affairs; Treasurer of Aspiring Student Affairs Professionals; Orientation Leader; Orientation Team Leader

Capstone: SOAR Session and Facilitation Guides


Sarah Adams

  • Position: Student Leadership Assistant, Campus Tour Guide, Alpha Phi

Alicia Alexander

  • Position: Queens of Color, Leaders in Residence, Black Issues Conference Committee,
    Purple Hard Hats

Jodie Brand

  • Position: Sidney A. Ribeau President’s Leadership Academy, Feed My Starving Children, Delta Sigma Pi, Colleges Against Cancer

Holly Brandewie

  • Position: Resident Advisor, Alpha Phi Omega,
    Aspiring Student Affairs Professionals

Santana Diaz

  • Position: Sidney A. Ribeau President's Leadership Academy, Colleges Against Cancer, Alpha Chi Omega Homecoming Student Steering

Chantelle Fordyce

  • Position: Alpha Phi, Panhellenic Council, Orientation Team Leader, SICSIC, FALCON Intern

Kelsey Hammersmith

  • Position: Alpha Phi Omega, Relay for Life, Opening Weekend Group Leader, Student Employees Board for Rec. and Wellness

Kyle Jacob

  • Position: Sidney A. Ribeau President's Leadership Academy, Delta Sigma Pi, SICSIC

Kevin Lewis

  • Position: Sidney A. Ribeau President's Leadership Academy, Student Leadership Assistant, Black Student Union, SMART Mentor

Lindsay Marshall

  • Position: Sidney A. Ribeau President’s Leadership Academy, Student Leadership Assistant, Delta Sigma Theta

Tiffany Mitchell

  • Position: Pi Beta Phi, American Society of Interior Designers, Order of Omega, Falcon Marching Band Colorguard

Leslie Potts

  • Position: Sidney A. Ribeau President’s Leadership Academy, Black Student Union, NCNW, SMART Mentor, Chapman Leader

Porscheness Ray

  • Position: Student Leadership Assistant, PEAK, Environmental Action Group, Latino Student Union, Black Student Union

Lucas Savot

  • Position: DREAM, Vision, Student Leadership Assistant

Brandon Slone

  • Position: Alpha Tau Omega, Orientation Leader, Dance Marathon

Celeste Smith

  • Position: Collegiate Against Child Abuse, Black Student Union, Sidney A. Ribeau President’s Leadership Academy

Corinne Smith

  • Position: Alpha Omicron Pi, Panhellenic Council,  Student Employee Advisory Committee at BTSU

Emily Soster

  • Position: Omega Phi Alpha, Gamma Phi Beta, Multicultural Greek Council

Stephanie Surblis

  • Position: Alpha Phi Omega, St. Baldrick’s, Feed My Starving Children, Falcon Leadership Institute

Candice Cotton
Anna Voinovich
Brandon Swope
LaShaundra Brown-Clopton
Michael Reilly

Lauren Brunswick
Cody Smith
Kimberly Zaccaro
Julia Godber
Rachel Robinson

Kallie Durkit
Samantha Kirsch
Lauren Purdy
Samuel Schmitt

Bryant Sheppard
Tiffany R. Smith
Laura Timmerman
Jonathan Zachrich

Ashley Lewis
Erin Porter
Heather Sabin

Kevin Basch
Dan Caldwell
Nicole Chase
Adison Heyne

Student Testimonials

Every student leader should take the time to complete the BGSU Leadership Achievement Award because it enables you to apply the culmination of leadership experiences and opportunities we have been able to take advantage of throughout our time at BGSU and apply them to a tangible project where we can see our impact as leaders come to fruition.

- Xavi Boes, '21

Completing the BGSU Leadership Achievement Award helped me recognize and hone my strengths as a student leader that have transferred into valuable skills early on in my career. The self-discipline and organization that enabled me to complete the award in just two years are the same attributes that have set me apart professionally. This award also positively shaped my worldview and influenced how I behave as a civically minded and engaged person in my community and beyond.

- Hannah Cubberly, '19

I have learned that there is more to leadership than just being the "most prominent" member of the group such as the captain, teacher, or adviser.

Leadership comes in many forms, shapes and sizes, and with the right approach, mindset and goals, there is opportunity for leadership in every situation and circumstance.

-Megan Hemmelgarn '17

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