Most Instagrammable Spots on Campus

Located in the heart of Bowling Green, Ohio, there are plenty of beautiful places to visit in and around BGSU's campus. With newly renovated, century-old buildings, and statues designed by famous architects, there are plenty of 'gram-worthy spots to check out! Here are some of our favorites.

1. BGSU Sign on E. Wooster St.

Donated by the class of 1964 and placed on the southwest corner of campus in a sea of orange, this sign has become one of the most popular spots for incoming freshmen and graduating seniors to memorialize their time at BGSU forever.


2. Doyt L. Perry Stadium

Doyt L. Perry Stadium, home to the BGSU Falcon Football team, was opened in 1966. Named after Doyt L. Perry, a very successful coach and athletic director of the school, the stadium originally only held 23,232 people, but now holds 24,000 fans! Doyt Perry Stadium is the perfect spot to snap an Instagram picture that shows your school spirit and Falcon pride!


3. University Hall

University Hall was the first building to open on campus in 1915. It recently underwent renovation that included this grand staircase. The renovation showcases a beautiful entrance featuring marble tile, bright sphere-shaped chandeliers, and large pillars. Take a picture here to show off the beauty of BGSU.


4. Falcon Statue at the Stroh Center

Supporting your fellow Falcons at the Stroh and looking for the most Instagram-worthy background? Take your photos at the Falcon statue located in front of the main entrance! Not only is the statue itself a great photo, you are also able to get the entire Stroh center in the background of your shot.


5. Wolfe Center for the Arts

The Wolfe Center for the Arts is one of eleven buildings on campus that has Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) status. It was constructed with 10% recycled material and 75% of the construction waste was recycled. The glass exposure allows for plenty of natural light which makes for the best photos!


6. Carillon Tower

Carillon Park sits where the first BGSU football stadium used to be, and at the former 50-yard line, you'll find a clock tower. Our clock tower stands tall and proud. It is a beautiful addition to our campus that is surely Instagram-able. With the trees around it beginning to show fall colors, you can bet a picture of our beautiful clock tower will be an extremely aesthetically pleasing addition to your page.


7. Thinker Statue

Over the years, "The Thinking Man" statue has become one of the most iconic landmarks on BGSU's campus. In fact, it is a tradition to have your picture taken with this unique piece of artwork before you graduate.


8. Falcon Wings

New to the Bowen-Thompson Student Union as of 2017, this spot on the front windows of Starbucks is a sure way to show some Falcon Pride on your Instagram page. This is a great spot to spread your wings and show that once you're a Falcon, you will always be a Falcon.


9. University Seal

Walking through old campus, you'll notice all the tall trees, beautiful flowers, and of course the University's seal in the middle of it all. It’s a great spot to take a historical BGSU Instagram pic! The seal was first designed in 1914. It’s divided into four parts: a mountain range, the sun, a bundle of 17 arrows, and the sheaf of wheat. There are also a few traditions about the seal. The most important one is to be sure to walk on the right side of it if you wish to do well on your next exam!


10. William T. Jerome Library

Visible for miles throughout Bowling Green, the Jerome Library is famous for its unique design and beautiful mural designed by Donald Drumm. Whether you are in front of the building or on one of its many floors, you should find a great place to snap a picture!


11. The BGSU Letters

The BGSU Letters were installed in the Union Oval in April of 2019. These bright orange eye-catching letters stand tall in the center of campus. This is a great spot to grab a picture to show your Falcon Spirit, take your graduation pictures, or showcase that you have chosen to attend BGSU!


Updated: 09/25/2019 03:37PM