Popular Culture

Dr. Nancy Down

Head librarian of the Ray and Pat Browne Library for Popular Culture Studies
Expertise: Popular culture and libraries; popular literature.
Credentials: Ph.D. in English literature from Drew University and master’s degree in library science from Indiana University.
Office Phone: 419-372-6054
E-mail: ndown@bgsu.edu

Dr. Montana Miller

Assistant professor of popular culture
Expertise: Facebook and MySpace.com; youth culture; risk-taking subcultures; popular forms of performance and entertainment; drunk driving prevention programs in high schools.
Credentials: Ph.D. and M.A. from UCLA; B.A. from Harvard University.
Office Phone: 419-372-0184
E-mail: montanm@bgsu.edu

Dr. Angela M. Nelson

Associate professor and chair, Department of Popular Culture
Expertise: African-American culture; general popular culture; African-American music; prime-time television series and programs.
Credentials: Ph.D. in American culture studies and master’s degree in music education, both from BGSU; master’s in music education from Converse College; author of books, book chapters and journal articles.
Office Phone: 419-372-0284
E-mail: anelson@bgsu.edu

Dr. Jeremy Wallach

Assistant professor of popular culture
Expertise: Indonesian culture; ethnomusicology; popular music around the world; globalization; anthropology; Southeast Asian politics and history; U.S. and global entertainment industry; MTV and music video; heavy metal music; race and gender issues in popular culture.
Credentials: Bachelor’s degree in sociology and anthropology from Haverford College and Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania. Has presented to the Society for Ethnomusicology, the American Anthropological Association and the American Ethnological Society.
Office Phone: 419-372-8204
E-mail: jeremyw@bgsu.edu