Marketing, Media & Communications

Dr. Oliver Boyd-Barrett

Professor, School of Media and Communication
Expertise: Media; international media; media, war and terrorism; distance learning.
Credentials: Ph.D. from United Kingdom Open University and author/editor of “The International News Agencies”; “Contra-Flow in Global News”; “Approaches to Media”; “Communications Media, Globalization and Empire”.
Office Phone: 419-372-6018
Cell Phone: 909-996-9673

Dr. Paul Cesarini

Assistant professor of visual communication and technology education
Expertise: Information and communications technology; digital rights management; unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam); distance learning; electronic books; computer-mediated learning; open source software.
Credentials: Bachelor’s degrees from Southeastern Massachusetts University and the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth; master’s degree in professional writing and communication from the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth; Ph.D. in rhetoric and writing from BGSU.
Office Phone: 419-372-7740

Dr. Louisa Ha

Associate professor of Media Production and Studies
Expertise: Webcasting; online media; Internet and new media technologies; international advertising; media management and business models; economics; convergence; Asia.
Credentials: Master’s degree in communication from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Ph.D. in mass media from Michigan State University. She has presented to the Broadcast Education Association and the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, and her research has been published in several professional publications.
Office Phone: 419-372-9103
Home Phone: 419-843-8974

Dr. Tom Mascaro

Associate professor of telecommunications
Expertise: Television documentaries; portrayals of race and ethics in entertainment TV; corporate influences on academia.
Credentials: Ph.D. in radio-TV-film from Wayne State University; master’s degree in communication studies from the University of Michigan; bachelor’s degree in education from Western Michigan University. Has presented to the Broadcast Education Association and the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.
Office Phone: 419-372-0514
Home Phone: 734-422-8039

Dr. Sung-Yeon Park

Assistant professor, School of Media and Communication
Expertise: Media effects on children and adolescents; media effects on women’s body image; digital photo manipulation; cause-related marketing.
Credentials: Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin; master’s and bachelor’s degrees from Korea University.
Office Phone: 419-372-3422

Dr. Bob T. Wu

Associate professor, Marketing
Expertise: Marketing research and marketing strategy.
Credentials: D.B.A. from Indiana University.
Office Phone: 419-372-2041