Dr. Neocles Leontis

Professor of chemistry
Expertise: RNA structure and function; chemistry; biochemistry; molecular biology; evolution.
Credentials: Ph.D. from Yale University; M.A. from Harvard University; B.S. from Ohio State University; full professor funded by the National Institutes of Health.
Office Phone: 419-372-8663/372-2031

Dr. W. Robert Midden

Associate professor of chemistry
Expertise: Biochemistry of DNA; photochemistry of DNA; photobiology as it relates to skin cancer and other effects of sun exposure; photodynamic cancer therapy; mechanisms of how environmental agents cause cancer. Best practices in undergraduate education, particularly in science education; residential learning communities and living-learning programs in colleges and universities; assessment of student learning.
Credentials: B.A. in chemistry from St. Johns University; Ph.D. in biochemistry from Ohio State University; postdoctoral fellow, physical chemistry at Ohio State University; postdoctoral fellow, environmental health chemistry at Johns Hopkins University.
Office Phone: 419-372-0563
Cell Phone: 419-360-1585