Bowling Green State University Dean's List - Spring 2019

Bowling Green State University has announced the undergraduate students who have been named to the spring semester dean's list for achieving grade point averages of 3.5 or better on a 4.0 scale. To be chosen for the dean's list, undergraduate students must carry no fewer than 12 letter-graded credit hours per semester.

Ian AspenTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Mark ErwinTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Emma StewartArts and Sciences
Alexa AugustineArts and Sciences
Merave YosefArts and Sciences
Kellie NathamBusiness
Elizabeth PluffEducation & Human Development
Maureen KennedyArts and Sciences
Emily RomanHealth and Human Services
Zachary ClossonEducation & Human Development
Sarah GonzalezEducation & Human Development
Jessica RollinsEducation & Human Development
Evan RawsonEducation & Human Development
Brie BradshawArts and Sciences
Kobe SmithTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Carlos MartinezArts and Sciences
Preston BrosmanArts and Sciences
Connor PetersonArts and Sciences
Rachel MullerEducation & Human Development
Mason BunyardArts and Sciences
Elizabeth StuckrathArts and Sciences
Nicole SickingerArts and Sciences
Matthew MeierBusiness
Alexander DershemTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Haley JacobsHealth and Human Services
Michael RodgersArts and Sciences
Jade RosentraterTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Joseph El-SharnoubyArts and Sciences
Gregory WyckoffAcademic Enhancement
Alyssa KaszerArts and Sciences
Christine HitchcockBusiness
Shawn KegleyTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Charles LamarArts and Sciences
Michael DuvernoisBusiness
Cessna ManaliliArts and Sciences
Caroline NeelyEducation & Human Development
Savannah BrownEducation & Human Development
Rachel MahneBusiness
Nicholas BodekerEducation & Human Development
Sydney PowellArts and Sciences
Amanda ValienteEducation & Human Development
Elise PaulitschEducation & Human Development
Jamari BozemanEducation & Human Development
Megan JonesArts and Sciences
Robert HintonTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Issac JamesTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Stephen MillerEducation & Human Development
Jack ConnellyBusiness
Miranda BauerArts and Sciences
Daylen DunnTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Ellis AtkinsTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Katherine CampbellMusical Arts
Faith HuffordEducation & Human Development
Mason WirtzArts and Sciences
Caleb BrightHealth and Human Services
Lara LunteArts and Sciences
Nicholis TurnerTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Matthew EppleyBusiness
Brendan MooreArts and Sciences
Andrew GallagherEducation & Human Development
Casey LinkenheldBusiness
Taliesyn CederwallArts and Sciences
Elizabeth ClarkArts and Sciences
Megan LillisEducation & Human Development
Megan LuccheseHealth and Human Services
Shana VladesovBusiness
Epiphany ThorntonBusiness
Rebekah PerryHealth and Human Services
Thomas MoodyEducation & Human Development
Brooke PierothArts and Sciences
Joseph WareHealth and Human Services
Samuel CraggsTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Audrey VanderpoolArts and Sciences
Brayden SmithBusiness
Jordyn PurdyHealth and Human Services
Samuel LennartzTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Jessica DietzenEducation & Human Development
Natalie WagschalArts and Sciences
William BoeckelmanArts and Sciences
Jack HanchettFirelands
Alexandra HenningEducation & Human Development
Amanda MelilloAcademic Enhancement
Angela MelilloEducation & Human Development
Jacqueline HearstEducation & Human Development
Nicholas ZakBusiness
Rachel FeldmanEducation & Human Development
Catherine LundbergEducation & Human Development
Julia BlumEducation & Human Development
Bailee NelsenEducation & Human Development
Haley WeisArts and Sciences
Nicholas PerchArts and Sciences
Amanda KusiakEducation & Human Development
Jeremy SchwarzBusiness
Stephen BurnsBusiness
Christopher SullivanBusiness
Cooper SummersTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Danielle BreedenEducation & Human Development
Erik HorvathBusiness
Kathryn MeenanArts and Sciences
Sarah FarmerTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Paige LivesayArts and Sciences
Jeremy TrojanEducation & Human Development
Robert BrentEducation & Human Development
Cristina RobertsonArts and Sciences
John SchillingBusiness
Ryan BaraBusiness
Clark PingEducation & Human Development
Claire NewcombEducation & Human Development
Gabriel SharpBusiness
Jackson KramerEducation & Human Development
Julia BeyerArts and Sciences
Morgan CuppsHealth and Human Services
Brenna HymersHealth and Human Services
Alexandra TrivelasEducation & Human Development
Zeltzin Contreras-GomezTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Matthew NaranjoTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Trey DefalcoArts and Sciences
Joely StollerEducation & Human Development
Lauren LehmannEducation & Human Development
Madisyn McCoyEducation & Human Development
Kelsie MotherseadEducation & Human Development
Kerstie ShawBusiness
Ariel SproutEducation & Human Development
Curry FranklinEducation & Human Development
Alana KnightsArts and Sciences
John BoudlerTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Samuel TrummelArts and Sciences
Gregory AdamsTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Madisen ParkerEducation & Human Development
Meghan WeaverEducation & Human Development
Micaela DeograciasArts and Sciences
Paige DooleyArts and Sciences
Trevor WaiteArts and Sciences
Courtney SmithArts and Sciences
Katerina ShubleTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Anna KubitzTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Brett SantilliTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Kendyl WheelerHealth and Human Services
Lari'onna GreenArts and Sciences
Emily VerbruggeArts and Sciences
Jodee O'BeirnBusiness
Sarah OlsonEducation & Human Development
Macy AndersonArts and Sciences
Lindsey FoxEducation & Human Development
Payton HammHealth and Human Services
Rana RzyczyckiBusiness
Deborah HumbleFirelands
Ryan TroutmanBusiness
Jacob PovermanEducation & Human Development
Simon StockArts and Sciences
Jodie CahillEducation & Human Development
Thomas EdgarEducation & Human Development
Jillian HalliseyArts and Sciences
Jason GeorgeArts and Sciences
Justin JaquisEducation & Human Development
Katherine HicksArts and Sciences
Lindsey MorrisArts and Sciences
Mary HartmanEducation & Human Development
Alexandria MorrisEducation & Human Development
Benjamin SpisakArts and Sciences
Meghan NapolitanArts and Sciences
Nikhita JacobArts and Sciences
Grace PhillipsTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Tyler PhillipsEducation & Human Development
Anjolena DavisArts and Sciences
Jamison TerbrackArts and Sciences
Abigail BischoffHealth and Human Services
Elsye JonesTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Emily MowryArts and Sciences
Sarah EdwardsEducation & Human Development
Allison McNultyBusiness
Kellie HouseEducation & Human Development
Brendan MolnarEducation & Human Development
Brooklyn ProudlockHealth and Human Services
Makenzie StephensArts and Sciences
Connor HawleyBusiness
Alea NaberArts and Sciences
Ava WirthMusical Arts
Emily MarentetteArts and Sciences
Freyja HoflerArts and Sciences
Morgan CyganBusiness
Ryen DraperEducation & Human Development
Jenna MeyerBusiness
Jacob Browning-PerryEducation & Human Development
Lauren TaitHealth and Human Services
Samantha NeedArts and Sciences
Emma StumpfMusical Arts
Kyle WalnyHealth and Human Services
Maximilian KowalskiHealth and Human Services
Clare GlowniakArts and Sciences
Jonathan LesinskiTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Afi-Setut A-Alkebu-LanTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Shannon BinghamArts and Sciences
Angelica EusearyArts and Sciences
Christopher WilsonHealth and Human Services
Destiny DortchArts and Sciences
Djuan NewsomFirelands
Genesis JordanArts and Sciences
India HicksHealth and Human Services
Jayla ConnerArts and Sciences
Kaela MurrayArts and Sciences
Kiara PhillipsArts and Sciences
Kyra Williams-DavisArts and Sciences
Marc ClaytonArts and Sciences
Navier GrimesArts and Sciences
Nijah SlaughterBusiness
Nina WimberleyArts and Sciences
Rashard ThomasBusiness
Roderick LoweryBusiness
Ryan LoweryBusiness
Seth CrosbyBusiness
Shannon JonesArts and Sciences
Kiana SpillerMusical Arts
Kyland KimbleEducation & Human Development
Nichole CoxBusiness
Brittni WashingtonArts and Sciences
Trinity KoonHealth and Human Services
Anne KoziaraArts and Sciences
Erica StephensHealth and Human Services
Jonathan DorcelyBusiness
Michael CuschieriArts and Sciences
Zachary MooreBusiness
Jessica LindstromHealth and Human Services
Calli RagotzyEducation & Human Development
Alexander HannahHealth and Human Services
Rachel HannahBusiness
Carson MusserBusiness
Hennessey BevinsArts and Sciences
Kyle HalquistTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Rosemary HarmsTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Brett LockridgeTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Meghan BoomerArts and Sciences
Kyle KishEducation & Human Development
Robert BialobrzeskiBusiness
Andrew SimonTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Samantha CarrMusical Arts
Grace EmerickArts and Sciences
Crystal MartinArts and Sciences
Kelsey PakkalaEducation & Human Development
Cieara ClarkArts and Sciences
D'Asia DanielsHealth and Human Services
Lana NeffArts and Sciences
Daniel BeaubienTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Lauren CareyArts and Sciences
Tealle KoonsEducation & Human Development
Kelsi WygantArts and Sciences
Alyssa RokitaBusiness
Abigail DoughertyArts and Sciences
Evan DoughertyBusiness
Richard CarterArts and Sciences
Vanessa OzArts and Sciences
Courtney KaiserBusiness
Hannah KoncelikHealth and Human Services
Sarah HenningsArts and Sciences
Andrew DellerArts and Sciences
Haley SchroederHealth and Human Services
Hannah SchroederHealth and Human Services
Isabelle MarciniakArts and Sciences
Julie MyersArts and Sciences
Lauren SullivanHealth and Human Services
Melanie MooreArts and Sciences
Morgan GladieuxBusiness
Jessica BeckonArts and Sciences
Efstratios MoustakeasArts and Sciences
Jennifer EnglerEducation & Human Development
Drew TerhallBusiness
Michael HouleBusiness
Paige WillisAcademic Enhancement
Salvatore ShkreliBusiness
Shane BednardArts and Sciences
Cali VaughnArts and Sciences
Cozette CecconieMusical Arts
Erika LindsayHealth and Human Services
Anna HerrHealth and Human Services
Jacob StolikerArts and Sciences
Lauryn HulettHealth and Human Services
Alyssa StultsHealth and Human Services
Ryan StultsHealth and Human Services
Giovanni TaorminaArts and Sciences
Hailey ClementHealth and Human Services
Katelyn TaylerArts and Sciences
Laurin MassonEducation & Human Development
Olivia CottermanArts and Sciences
Rachel LongBusiness
Layne SpradlinEducation & Human Development
Emma Trickey-WaznyArts and Sciences
Rebecka ParksBusiness
Tyler EmondArts and Sciences
Colton FlahertyArts and Sciences
Grady WildmanBusiness
Riley BrassEducation & Human Development
Donovan GreeningArts and Sciences
Donovan WheelerHealth and Human Services
Dwayne GaryArts and Sciences
Paulina IacobelliBusiness
Sophie MarkusArts and Sciences
Victoria IacobelliBusiness
Nia LittleArts and Sciences
Mary FleckArts and Sciences
Carly RieggerArts and Sciences
McKenzie BarthHealth and Human Services
Hannah NatzkeBusiness
Anna GriesbachEducation & Human Development
Bree MurrayArts and Sciences
Shavonne HoganHealth and Human Services
Jacob MoneyArts and Sciences
Connor MargosianEducation & Human Development
Jenna EricksonEducation & Human Development
Nicole FoxBusiness
Ashley WiedbuschBusiness
Kathryn GroganArts and Sciences
Kayla AdamsEducation & Human Development
Emily EskuriArts and Sciences
Faith OleskyBusiness
Emily SulkanenArts and Sciences
Brianna LeoArts and Sciences
Camron McGeeTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Heather VredenburgHealth and Human Services
Alex StengelMusical Arts
Alexander LittlerBusiness
Alyssa WilliamsHealth and Human Services
Ashlyn VictoriaArts and Sciences
Brandon KruseBusiness
Daniel WeidmayerAcademic Enhancement
Enrico MorelliBusiness
Sydni VictoriaAcademic Enhancement
Alex SorgiHealth and Human Services
Danielle RichardsonEducation & Human Development
Nikki SorgiHealth and Human Services
Tyler NewtonBusiness
Sonya TyahlaArts and Sciences
Alora AllenArts and Sciences
Bobby HardisonFirelands
Dominique GreenEducation & Human Development
Kyron SmithArts and Sciences
Samantha WashingtonFirelands
Alexis FaberEducation & Human Development
Paige RedlinBusiness
Steven NaylorMusical Arts
Shelby StonemanEducation & Human Development
Rachel RenouBusiness
Madelynn LuebckeBusiness
Andrew HoslerMusical Arts
Gretchen HillMusical Arts
Mattison GrimsleyHealth and Human Services
Taylor HaberlandHealth and Human Services
Taylor PurcellHealth and Human Services
Jacob MartinTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Regina PoirierEducation & Human Development
Elise LeverenzBusiness
Jenna GaiownikBusiness
Michael AbelsArts and Sciences
Paul GarbarinoArts and Sciences
Lily RosenbergHealth and Human Services
Sarah HobermanEducation & Human Development
Kache DeboseHealth and Human Services
Laney SheehanMusical Arts
Kathryn BannickArts and Sciences
Madison FrenchHealth and Human Services
Natalie ClarkBusiness
Taylor RagoBusiness
Mahesh SinghArts and Sciences
Julia OberhoferArts and Sciences
Makesha BowFirelands
Chyna RossEducation & Human Development
Nathan LohmeierArts and Sciences
Christopher PohlkampBusiness
Alex ThielEducation & Human Development
Nicole LaCroixHealth and Human Services
Alana RittArts and Sciences
Megan LarsonHealth and Human Services
Nicole RudHealth and Human Services
Sophia AricoBusiness
Cooper ClarkeArts and Sciences
Precious JacksonEducation & Human Development
Michelle FaisEducation & Human Development
Jacob PapezTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Emily MalloyArts and Sciences
Austin BrownEducation & Human Development
Mark SecundaTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Whitney CroninEducation & Human Development
Macey BradamArts and Sciences
Alec RauhauserBusiness
Miles AndersonMusical Arts
Rebecca ShatneyArts and Sciences
Ian ClarkeBusiness
Christopher JefferMusical Arts
Axell PenaTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Kelsi KupratEducation & Human Development
Cara SchmidtArts and Sciences
Tess MuirEducation & Human Development
Samantha MarionEducation & Human Development
Jeremy BrooksTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Heidi HoffmannArts and Sciences
Annie AyersEducation & Human Development
Charles BakerTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Cary FlandersHealth and Human Services
Jared JohnsonHealth and Human Services
Aaron HutchinsonTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Mitchell AndersonArts and Sciences
Christopher SmithArts and Sciences
Analiese PiccilloArts and Sciences
Maxwell MarkoArts and Sciences
Allen HurshEducation & Human Development
Zachary SayreArts and Sciences
Lindsay WagemanAcademic Enhancement
Libby BerryArts and Sciences
Makayla LochiattoArts and Sciences
Mary EdwardsArts and Sciences
Makala NelsenArts and Sciences
Alex KuczkaBusiness
Emily RedanzHealth and Human Services
Mark O'MalleyBusiness
Rachel RedanzBusiness
Erin KrauseHealth and Human Services
Justin HannanTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Jeffrey KramerTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Caroline GardnerMusical Arts
Alexis SchmidtEducation & Human Development
Allison NearyBusiness
Gabrielle ArienoBusiness
Jonathon FerranteTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Lauren De MenoHealth and Human Services
Liam OakesTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Nicolas RandiseEducation & Human Development
Kiana MartinezEducation & Human Development
Rylan HissongArts and Sciences
William AllenArts and Sciences
Aaron RathbunBusiness
Abigail Rose MarchandEducation & Human Development
Aliyah McGeeHealth and Human Services
Allison StarkeyArts and Sciences
Andrew MeyerArts and Sciences
Bailey CrepageEducation & Human Development
David StoppTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Gabrielle MillerArts and Sciences
Gracie HollingsworthEducation & Human Development
Ileana HernandezArts and Sciences
Kelsey VanhornEducation & Human Development
Lashia VangHealth and Human Services
Leah HallHealth and Human Services
Lucia BoulosArts and Sciences
Maxwell HessArts and Sciences
Michaela RuddockHealth and Human Services
Rachel CrowlArts and Sciences
Samantha MasonEducation & Human Development
Sarah ShriberEducation & Human Development
Shayla MoultryEducation & Human Development
Shayna FuryArts and Sciences
Ty'anna EdgersonEducation & Human Development
Ashley VisiArts and Sciences
Megan TroyerBusiness
Shayna SandsHealth and Human Services
Brody HannaBusiness
Elyssa TheisEducation & Human Development
Michaela BreeceHealth and Human Services
Taylor WernerArts and Sciences
Landon RobertsEducation & Human Development
Alyssa HeterEducation & Human Development
Diana JordanHealth and Human Services
Haley KilgoreArts and Sciences
Julia DesrosiersArts and Sciences
Nicholas WynnArts and Sciences
Shelby FrysingerArts and Sciences
Alyssa YorkoHealth and Human Services
Autumn SwiersArts and Sciences
Bhumiben PatelArts and Sciences
Chad CecilEducation & Human Development
David BloomArts and Sciences
Emily MonscheinEducation & Human Development
Lauren SalkiewiczArts and Sciences
Madalyn LyonsHealth and Human Services
Olivia DovinHealth and Human Services
Rachel PrattEducation & Human Development
Rachel SzczodrowskiEducation & Human Development
Riana KelleyArts and Sciences
Allison BertkeBusiness
Ashley LandisEducation & Human Development
Brittnee AxeEducation & Human Development
Emma FreytagEducation & Human Development
Korteney KitchenEducation & Human Development
Matthew BurdenEducation & Human Development
Riley OsbornEducation & Human Development
Alexander VailBusiness
Anne MiesleEducation & Human Development
Erica MeyerEducation & Human Development
Joshua PoulsonEducation & Human Development
Darbee RhamyBusiness
Mariah WaalandArts and Sciences
Victoria ManleyHealth and Human Services
Austin BakerHealth and Human Services
Hayley HarlemanArts and Sciences
Samantha AukermanEducation & Human Development
Victoria StumpEducation & Human Development
Andrea AversArts and Sciences
Carly ShortHealth and Human Services
Casen ShortBusiness
Emma ZesingEducation & Human Development
Gabrielle PaxtonArts and Sciences
Hannah BowersEducation & Human Development
Jacob HauterBusiness
Katarina HauterEducation & Human Development
Mackenna WhitacreEducation & Human Development
Mitchell HogrefeBusiness
Nicolas RodriguezTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Carson EssingerEducation & Human Development
Colten CristBusiness
Jenna LivingstonEducation & Human Development
Leah TracyMusical Arts
Abigail ShifleyArts and Sciences
Cassidy YetzerArts and Sciences
Evan BuchananArts and Sciences
Kaitlyn HersheyEducation & Human Development
Matthew MillerTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Natalie ShrefflerHealth and Human Services
Austin DicksonBusiness
Noah EblinTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Emma CiganyBusiness
Kristen SteedEducation & Human Development
Matthew StackEducation & Human Development
Zackary StockhamArts and Sciences
Breawna HealHealth and Human Services
Jaclyn WillmanArts and Sciences
Jalynn ReesmanFirelands
Lindsay SmithHealth and Human Services
Marissa WilliamsArts and Sciences
Morganne StandleyArts and Sciences
Aaron RuizTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Abby JacobsonArts and Sciences
Alyssa KropfBusiness
Brooke KozarArts and Sciences
Maria MimsEducation & Human Development
Melissa GriffenArts and Sciences
Rachel NagyMusical Arts
Sydney BurnsEducation & Human Development
Marquett SamuelsArts and Sciences
Aaron DufalaArts and Sciences
Amanda WietzkeHealth and Human Services
Amy ReinkerAcademic Enhancement
Ashley SvecEducation & Human Development
Brian LynchBusiness
Camila PineroArts and Sciences
Colleen EschweilerBusiness
Colleen FreemanHealth and Human Services
Danielle AustinsonEducation & Human Development
Elizabeth TraxlerHealth and Human Services
Grace CarmelEducation & Human Development
Hannah BushongEducation & Human Development
John LutzBusiness
Jordan RoundsEducation & Human Development
Kaytlin StarwaltHealth and Human Services
Madalyn SuschaBusiness
Madisyn PeterEducation & Human Development
Mia StrnadHealth and Human Services
Nicole HaesslyArts and Sciences
Phillip SherrillBusiness
Sydnie FirmentHealth and Human Services
Toni BernardArts and Sciences
Trey PetersArts and Sciences
Tucker HowardArts and Sciences
Brianna CarlinHealth and Human Services
Chloe SinticArts and Sciences
David DesmitEducation & Human Development
Elizabeth RogersHealth and Human Services
Elizabeth SvihlikEducation & Human Development
Emily BirkEducation & Human Development
Emily GriffithBusiness
Jack BrodkeArts and Sciences
Julia MeyersHealth and Human Services
Julian BoudreauxEducation & Human Development
Katiana RobertsTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Kirsten WyrwasBusiness
Leah KennedyEducation & Human Development
Margaret HouseEducation & Human Development
Megan TwymanBusiness
Monica RauscherHealth and Human Services
Rachel SzaboBusiness
Vincent LupicaTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Jesse YoungerTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Nathaniel HornyakBusiness
Stephanie RossArts and Sciences
Courtney DavidsonArts and Sciences
Alexis McKinleyTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Camryn HaleEducation & Human Development
Jessica GlancyEducation & Human Development
Maggie MenkeEducation & Human Development
Mikayla ColwellEducation & Human Development
Nicole LineArts and Sciences
Victoria BushHealth and Human Services
Abigail DonovanEducation & Human Development
Brendan KarpArts and Sciences
Brenna MichaudArts and Sciences
Katelyn BleisathEducation & Human Development
Rebecca LauleEducation & Human Development
Chase WeissEducation & Human Development
Isabelle BregerArts and Sciences
James EganBusiness
Alex BarbadoraTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Anna ScalettaBusiness
Brenna SmithMusical Arts
Caleb DanberBusiness
Calvin BealBusiness
Elise TriplettArts and Sciences
Elizabeth ErnstEducation & Human Development
Emma KreillEducation & Human Development
Kara XanderArts and Sciences
Kate JeffersonEducation & Human Development
Kristin CarnegisArts and Sciences
Maggie HergenratherArts and Sciences
Margaret BochenekBusiness
Mary SebastianHealth and Human Services
Michaela RhoadesEducation & Human Development
Olivia MoserHealth and Human Services
Allan RobinsonBusiness
Jacob SandersArts and Sciences
Jennifer WatleyEducation & Human Development
Megan LittletonArts and Sciences
A'seana McIntyreHealth and Human Services
Tori ThomasEducation & Human Development
Gabrielle WhiteTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Kiersten McCormickHealth and Human Services
Austin Van BuskirkEducation & Human Development
Denay BrunnerArts and Sciences
Jacob BoyBusiness
Joel DixonEducation & Human Development
Madison ButlerHealth and Human Services
Meagan LonswayHealth and Human Services
Nichlas ButlerArts and Sciences
Reid OlsonArts and Sciences
Ryan PennyHealth and Human Services
Shawn HeftTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Bethany BranumArts and Sciences
Brianna StockmasterFirelands
Chloe BrubakerHealth and Human Services
Christine AmmannitiHealth and Human Services
Daniel BowermanTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Devon KeeganFirelands
Jacob WeiderEducation & Human Development
Jason DavisTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Jillian BradleyFirelands
Jordan GessnerHealth and Human Services
Kaitlyn CloseEducation & Human Development
Kassie VossFirelands
Kayla StrauseFirelands
Kaylia ReesmanFirelands
Lauren TurnerEducation & Human Development
Megan BradleyBusiness
Samantha GeorgeEducation & Human Development
Shannon SchneiderFirelands
Shelbie CloseEducation & Human Development
Victoria FrazierArts and Sciences
Vivian BenedictFirelands
William SbernaFirelands
Daniel LittlejohnArts and Sciences
Audra DelaneyArts and Sciences
Jaisha HolmesHealth and Human Services
Jared LindBusiness
Jessica WestArts and Sciences
Matthew PigzaBusiness
Alan KirkpatrickArts and Sciences
Andrea MoeningBusiness
Bethany WolcottEducation & Human Development
Grace ShafferHealth and Human Services
Jennifer RobertoEducation & Human Development
Kayleigh HahnArts and Sciences
Reid PerryBusiness
Robert LubowickiEducation & Human Development
Taylar DiverEducation & Human Development
Dominic MarvetHealth and Human Services
Cody ScottEducation & Human Development
Emily SappArts and Sciences
Hannah McGinleyHealth and Human Services
Kelsey SchusterEducation & Human Development
Melanie SaylerAcademic Enhancement
Jordyn MitnikFirelands
Siri PetersenArts and Sciences
Boris StojkovskiArts and Sciences
Jiaxin LinArts and Sciences
John GuthrieTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Lindsey DavisArts and Sciences
Noah BrownEducation & Human Development
Heidi LarsonArts and Sciences
Mason HammondHealth and Human Services
Megan SieselArts and Sciences
Nicholas StoverArts and Sciences
Avery HollandEducation & Human Development
Cole WilsonArts and Sciences
Desiree DowningArts and Sciences
Emily MetzgerEducation & Human Development
Jake StaleyEducation & Human Development
Joel SiefkerBusiness
Kayla KindleArts and Sciences
Mark BixelBusiness
Nicholas MarcumArts and Sciences
Samuel CrispHealth and Human Services
Sarah GillenBusiness
Tyler McLaughlinHealth and Human Services
Cameron FloraHealth and Human Services
Claire PetermanEducation & Human Development
Jacob RobertsTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Kaitlyn BarhorstBusiness
Natalie AmbosHealth and Human Services
Aubriel Evans-PayneHealth and Human Services
Abby BurrellArts and Sciences
Abigail BurdueArts and Sciences
Abigail DobsonHealth and Human Services
Abigail SheldrickHealth and Human Services
Adam FaderArts and Sciences
Adam FurnasEducation & Human Development
Adam SmithArts and Sciences
Adriana ItalianoArts and Sciences
Alaina BrubakerArts and Sciences
Alexander DarrTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Alexander HerningArts and Sciences
Alexander MiekisTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Alexander MunsonMusical Arts
Alexandra GraverEducation & Human Development
Alexis OaksHealth and Human Services
Alexis ReinboltEducation & Human Development
Alicia KokomoorEducation & Human Development
Alicia VanscoderEducation & Human Development
Alison GrahamHealth and Human Services
Alysa PipkinHealth and Human Services
Alyssa AndersonEducation & Human Development
Alyssa BrimecombeEducation & Human Development
Amber PelfreyEducation & Human Development
Andrea CromleyEducation & Human Development
Andrew KellyEducation & Human Development
Andrew KlafczynskiBusiness
Andrew LangTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Andrew SlembarskiHealth and Human Services
Andrew VogelpohlArts and Sciences
Anna KellingHealth and Human Services
Anna KiesewetterArts and Sciences
Annika SchempfEducation & Human Development
Anthony BoltonArts and Sciences
Anthony GutierrezEducation & Human Development
April AllenHealth and Human Services
Ariele KauppilaArts and Sciences
Ashley FreemanArts and Sciences
Ashley StasikArts and Sciences
Ashlynn DigbyEducation & Human Development
Audrey SwansonBusiness
Austin MartosEducation & Human Development
Ayla ArringtonEducation & Human Development
Bethany HorenArts and Sciences
Bonnie BaileyEducation & Human Development
Braeden MurphyAcademic Enhancement
Branden KernEducation & Human Development
Brandon FrederickHealth and Human Services
Brett HarvardEducation & Human Development
Brett RichArts and Sciences
Brian BroganTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Brianna FingerBusiness
Brittany HofackerEducation & Human Development
Brooke WursterHealth and Human Services
Bryn ParkerEducation & Human Development
Caitlyn SmithHealth and Human Services
Cameron BokasArts and Sciences
Cameron RoehlTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Cassandra WoodArts and Sciences
Cassidy JohnsonBusiness
Charles NaegleBusiness
Chelsey EmahiserEducation & Human Development
Cheyenne ChildFirelands
Cheyenne KlausingAcademic Enhancement
Chloe BeekerHealth and Human Services
Christopher NousakTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Christopher VentoArts and Sciences
Cierra AdamsHealth and Human Services
Claire Wells-JensenArts and Sciences
Connor SennTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Conrad KnaselHealth and Human Services
Courtney CooperEducation & Human Development
Courtney WagnerHealth and Human Services
Dakota BellEducation & Human Development
Dakota KotlinArts and Sciences
Dana DrdaArts and Sciences
Dana KlemanEducation & Human Development
Danielle JensenHealth and Human Services
Dante Tanner-UickerMusical Arts
David KonowalskiEducation & Human Development
David MooreArts and Sciences
Dominique WrightHealth and Human Services
Donovan WuestArts and Sciences
Drake GerberArts and Sciences
Dresden WilsonArts and Sciences
Drew KoppArts and Sciences
Drew PetersonBusiness
Duncan FoxArts and Sciences
Dylan McDonaldArts and Sciences
Dylan PipicTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Elaine ZhangArts and Sciences
Elijah SalahuddinBusiness
Elizabeth HarperArts and Sciences
Emily JonesEducation & Human Development
Emily MaksemetzAcademic Enhancement
Emily WittigTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Emma HarknessArts and Sciences
Essma KheiryArts and Sciences
Felicity JinningsMusical Arts
Frances ZengelMusical Arts
Gabriel SayerBusiness
Gabriella MagallanesArts and Sciences
Gabrielle FlemingArts and Sciences
Gabrielle PaceHealth and Human Services
Genna HuntAcademic Enhancement
Grace O'HareArts and Sciences
Haily KirchnerArts and Sciences
Hanna DonaldsonArts and Sciences
Hannah CoitArts and Sciences
Hannah GrundenBusiness
Hannah McDermottArts and Sciences
Hannah ParisArts and Sciences
Hannah RoigArts and Sciences
Hayley BoyselHealth and Human Services
Heather GrundenArts and Sciences
Henry LoskornArts and Sciences
Holly CipollaEducation & Human Development
Ian BrackenburyArts and Sciences
Izaak KromerArts and Sciences
Jacklyne MontarmaniArts and Sciences
Jacob BraslawsceMusical Arts
Jacob KonecnyBusiness
Jaryn ShumakerArts and Sciences
Jaymen Neff-StricklandArts and Sciences
Jeffrey AganMusical Arts
Jeffrey HartzellArts and Sciences
Jenna HendersonArts and Sciences
Jenna TeetEducation & Human Development
Jennifer GoodmanHealth and Human Services
Jeremy RossiBusiness
Jessica PattonArts and Sciences
Jessie WaltonArts and Sciences
Jhane PerdueMusical Arts
John SchwartzArts and Sciences
Johnathon DurgalaArts and Sciences
Jonathan BurgosBusiness
Jonathan HahnArts and Sciences
Jonathan VothEducation & Human Development
Jonathon FromanBusiness
Jordan MurphyTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Joseph StarksMusical Arts
Joshua HeldweinBusiness
Joshua HillEducation & Human Development
Joshua LikensArts and Sciences
Joshua LungTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Joshua SlembarskiBusiness
Julia KerlinArts and Sciences
Julia SimonEducation & Human Development
Julia ThatcherEducation & Human Development
Justin MillerBusiness
Justine TollesEducation & Human Development
Kaila TuckerArts and Sciences
Kaitlyn BerelsmanHealth and Human Services
Kaleigh ObrockArts and Sciences
Kalen NicholsBusiness
Karri PurdyEducation & Human Development
Katelyn LangArts and Sciences
Katherine FryeArts and Sciences
Katherine RayArts and Sciences
Katlyn WosEducation & Human Development
Kayla RussellTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Keith DamschroderEducation & Human Development
Kelly HaydenHealth and Human Services
Kelsey HetrickEducation & Human Development
Kelsey WilliamsEducation & Human Development
Kendra ClaytonArts and Sciences
Kevin MasellaBusiness
Kylie YoungHealth and Human Services
Lance ParkerArts and Sciences
Landon RohrerArts and Sciences
Lauren WynnHealth and Human Services
Lilly CherriArts and Sciences
Linda PeralezTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Logan BakerArts and Sciences
Lorenzo MendezArts and Sciences
Lucy RobertsEducation & Human Development
Lyndsey CoppelerArts and Sciences
Mackenzy VarnerBusiness
Madison GiffordHealth and Human Services
Madison JonesEducation & Human Development
Madison StumpArts and Sciences
Madison TaynorHealth and Human Services
Makinzie ViolaHealth and Human Services
Mary BruceArts and Sciences
Mason CurtisBusiness
Matthew KampfArts and Sciences
Matthew KramerBusiness
Matthew RiceEducation & Human Development
Megan CammalleriEducation & Human Development
Megan CarmenArts and Sciences
Megan SchweitzerHealth and Human Services
Michael BorowskiEducation & Human Development
Michael HitesBusiness
Michael PalichlebArts and Sciences
Michael RochesterBusiness
Michael SchultzTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Michael SpiegelArts and Sciences
Michael YowlerHealth and Human Services
Michaela UrbanEducation & Human Development
Michaella LoweEducation & Human Development
Mickayla ThompsonEducation & Human Development
Mira KokomoorHealth and Human Services
Monica HolsingerHealth and Human Services
Morgan GaleArts and Sciences
Morgan SmoyerEducation & Human Development
Moriah GarciaEducation & Human Development
Natalie MacQuarrieEducation & Human Development
Natalie PlotnerArts and Sciences
Nathaniel GayEducation & Human Development
Neil CurryArts and Sciences
Nicholas ZeedykArts and Sciences
Noah DubasikArts and Sciences
Noah GagnonEducation & Human Development
Noah LanningArts and Sciences
Noah WagnerBusiness
Olivia CoxEducation & Human Development
Olivia JinningsArts and Sciences
Peyton KeeranTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Rachel HawkArts and Sciences
Rachel LongBusiness
Rachel MurphyArts and Sciences
Rachel SuzorHealth and Human Services
Rebecca ElsasserEducation & Human Development
Rebecca LangArts and Sciences
Regan McAnallyEducation & Human Development
Remington SchneiderArts and Sciences
Ronald SykesArts and Sciences
Ross MartinArts and Sciences
Ryan HallBusiness
Ryan McBrideTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Samantha MooreBusiness
Samual DayEducation & Human Development
Samuel MolloyArts and Sciences
Samuel PanterArts and Sciences
Sana AliHealth and Human Services
Sarah BettingerHealth and Human Services
Sarah BoykEducation & Human Development
Sarah ComptonArts and Sciences
Sarah CoxEducation & Human Development
Sarah HinkelHealth and Human Services
Sarah JonesArts and Sciences
Sarah KerrBusiness
Sean MaynardArts and Sciences
Shaina NelsonArts and Sciences
Shane SchopinskyArts and Sciences
Shannon WeihlEducation & Human Development
Sharon SimonArts and Sciences
Shyla HenryEducation & Human Development
Stephanie GrassHealth and Human Services
Summer McVickerBusiness
Terry RockovichBusiness
Thomas MoegerArts and Sciences
Thomas WrightTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Thomas ZieglerArts and Sciences
Timothy KlemanArts and Sciences
Timothy PueseyHealth and Human Services
Trent HalbeisenHealth and Human Services
Trey JonesArts and Sciences
Tyler WeberArts and Sciences
Victoria TeneyckArts and Sciences
Zachary AlemanEducation & Human Development
Zebadiah SharpMusical Arts
Zhaile HoskayArts and Sciences
Samantha DeandaArts and Sciences
Lindsay BoelkensHealth and Human Services
Ali KagyEducation & Human Development
Joshua BierleyTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Joshua KagyEducation & Human Development
Kristi JayHealth and Human Services
Mary RogersTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Alexander JonovichAcademic Enhancement
Amanda PobegaArts and Sciences
Ashley WilmsHealth and Human Services
Cameron GreenleeEducation & Human Development
Jared SchottBusiness
Julia HorterArts and Sciences
Natale DenigrisHealth and Human Services
Nevada TodtBusiness
Alexander TelzrowArts and Sciences
Connor BradleyArts and Sciences
Garrett HumbleEducation & Human Development
Jackson WilliamsArts and Sciences
Larisa KalinowskiHealth and Human Services
Nicole LobiancoEducation & Human Development
Nicole GrimoneMusical Arts
Coreena BrewerEducation & Human Development
Jacob LaboyArts and Sciences
Jamie WilsonHealth and Human Services
Kyle BurgessArts and Sciences
Kylie RodenEducation & Human Development
Starr PhillipsEducation & Human Development
Vivian PhamTechnology Architecture and Applied Engineering
Adam CutrightEducation & Human Development
Courtney KriauskyEducation & Human Development
Kristi SemanArts and Sciences
Rachel HuffEducation & Human Development
Anna Marie SulminskiHealth and Human Services
Eric MillerAcademic Enhancement