Communication Manager

Your communication manager is your consultant for any initiative that promotes Bowling Green State University. A general rule of the thumb is to include CMs for external and University wide initiatives. If you are unsure about a project, we encourage you to reach out. The CMs are a great resource and want to be included early in the planning phase.

Not sure who your communication manager is?

There are communication managers for each college, department, and office. If you are not sure who to contact, reach out to Amy West at 419-372-2704

Your request will be evaluated as part of the overall University's strategic plan.  

Strategy and Planning

Strategic Planning  

Include your communication manager early in the planning phase. The CMs are looped into University-wide conversations and can ensure that your project fits into the overall University plan. They can ensure your initiative receives maximum exposure through all of the University channels.

Sharing Your Story

Marketing and Communications is responsible for Strategic Objective Six in the Focus on the Future Strategic Plan. Letting your communication manager know about student success, faculty research, alumni news and stories that pertain to public good is important in helping achieve this goal. There is also an online submission form to share success happening in your areas.

University Logos and Branding Guidelines

Review the Graphics Standards Manual for basic information regarding logos and branding guidelines. Your CM can answer any additional questions.  

Marketing and Communications Tools

Website Updates

  • Website content is one of the most important tools we have in communicating with our audiences. The BGSU site is often the first stop for people searching for information.
  • Text updates can be made by someone trained in CMS in your unit. Your CM should handle any major design changes. If you are unsure whether to go through M&C, contact your CM.
  • Page updates and re-designs take a week. A site re-design will take at least several weeks once all of the content is ready.

Electronic Newsletters

Newsletters should go through your CM to ensure usability and accessibility standards are met. Newsletters are more complex and require a three-week turnaround, longer if the stories aren’t written.

HTML Emails

Marketing and Communications designs HTML emails for initiatives that need a branded, professional email design. Please allow one-week for HTML email design. Your communication manager can assist you.

Television Screens

Screens can be created as a PPT slide and distributed throughout campus. Your CM can create screens that are part of an overall campaign and require a branded design. (Example: BGSU Homecoming) Generally a one-week turnaround is sufficient for screens.

PowerPoint Template

A branded BGSU PowerPoint template is available upon request from your CM. If you need a presentation built with video and other more complicated components, your CM can assist in building the presentation. Generally, a two-week turnaround is requested.

Photo and Video

  • You can request a University photographer if you have an event or activity and need photos for future promotional materials.

    Contact your CM to determine whether the request is something that fits into the University strategic plan. If not, a freelance photographer will be recommended.
  • Video Support is provided through M&C via several resources. Contact your CM to discuss the goal of your video, your audience, the message and how best to move forward.
  • Requesting a photographer or videographer well in advance is preferred, due to limited resources.


Marketing and Communications coordinates an annual University advertising campaign each year. This campaign is comprised of more than 50 percent digital advertising including social media, Spotify, Pandora and Hulu. The digital buy includes geofencing, display and search ads. Cable and on-demand television ads make up much of the remaining buy. We also manage limited radio, television, print and outdoor, as needed. Please reach out to your CM to coordinate a buy for your program and/or event. Your CM will work with you to determine the audience, messaging, placement and campaign goals.

Events calendarcheck

Event Support

Event support is provided by Marketing & Communications. Please reach out to your CM in advance of your event to discuss staging, setup, promotions and M&C involvement.

Read our Event Scope of Work

Campus Update and BGSU Calendar

You can promote your event or program through Campus Update by completing the Campus Update Submission Form.

Tips for a successful Campus Update submission.

  • Catchy headline with a purpose
  • Provide the who, what, where, when, why
  • Call to action
  • If you are planning an event, be sure to add it to the BGSU calendar.

Media Relations adduser

Media Relations

The CM will work with the M&C news team to pitch stories to the media. It is also important that M&C know about faculty experts in each of the colleges as we receive calls from the media almost daily requesting industry experts. If a media person reaches out, always loop in your communication manager before talking with the person.

Social Media

If you are considering a social media account, talk with your CM to determine the necessity. The University has many social media accounts and individual accounts are not always warranted. To be effective with social media, you need a strong following, continuous messages and unique content. Your CM can help you decide the best route based on your audience and goals. Oftentimes, it is best to utilize the main BGSU accounts because of their large following.

WBGU Interstitials

CMs are working to create 15, 30 and 90 second interstitials (or commercials) to air on WBGU. The focus of the interstitials is to showcase how BGSU is impacting the communities in the WBGU viewing area. Share ideas with your CM.  


CMs can assist with all types of printing projects—from posters, to signage, to brochures, to displays. Printing projects can take anywhere from three to six weeks depending on the complexity of the project.

Promotional Items

  • If you need promotional items, review University purchasing guidelines and their preferred vendors which include Image Group, Proforma, Halo or Falcon Outfitters.
  • You can request artwork through marketing and communications, if needed.
  • If you wish to simply use a university logo or logotype on a promotional item, please visit the University’s Graphics Standards Manual. Included in the graphics standards manual are official colors, official logos and logotypes, proper use of logos and standards for social media and stationary.
  • Your CM is available to help coordinate, if needed.

How can I help my project move quickly?

The most important component when creating marketing and communications materials is to start to with strong content. While the communication manager can assist with polishing the content and writing a compelling piece, the content itself should come from the content experts. Strong content reduces the number of revisions which often delay a project.

We value the relationships we have with our campus partners and encourage you to think of your CM as an important part of your team. If you aren’t sure who to contact, reach out to Amy West at 419-372-2704 or