Purpose of Graphic Standards

In the past the use of the logos and visual icons produced for BGSU has been unregulated. This has blurred our image because a clear message was not reaching our publics. This manual addresses the proper usage of the University logos in visual communication.

Visual communication includes but is not limited to:

  • publications and collateral materials (posters, postcards, flyers)
  • stationery
  • advertisements
  • signage
  • Web sites and other forms of electronic media (broadcast television, media boards, video, CD/DVD).

Visual communications are further defined as any visual materials that are paid for in part or wholly by Bowling Green State University, or paid with public or private grant monies awarded to the University. If a compliance question should arise, please contact BGSU’s Office of Marketing & Communications for assistance at 419-372-2616.

The BGSU logo is now the official symbol for all visual communication materials. This manual outlines the use of this logo and other University logos. The Office of Marketing & Communications can answer your logo questions or offer assistance in producing attractive, accurately written and effective communication materials. When planning a new communication, you may wish to contact the office and a staff professional will arrange to discuss your communication objectives, budget and timeline.