Academic & Administrative Logotypes

An academic/administrative area logotype is a combination of the BGSU logo and custom type that has been uniquely arranged for the purpose of promoting a specific University area. Logotypes do not contain any pictorial/graphic symbols. It is not necessary to use a stand-alone BGSU logo if an academic/administrative area logotype is being used.

Academic/administrative area logotypes are:

  • Linked with the BGSU logo in a predetermined template (see below). The examples shown feature various typefaces, differing arrangements and either the same or mixed colors (orange and black only) within the custom text area. This allows for individual identities for academic and administrative areas while maintaining consistency for all BGSU campus departments and are created by the office of Marketing and Communications.
  • Not permitted on any office stationery or business cards.

Do not separate the logotype elements. Do not alter logotype in any way. Contact Marketing and Communications for additional questions concerning logotype usage.

Academic and administrative logotypes template

Examples of academic and administrative logotypes