Life Design for Families

People believe college is about a degree, about finding a job. That can be accomplished at most universities.

At BGSU, your student will earn more than a degree. They will graduate ready for a career and a meaningful life.

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COVID-19 has taught us that plans change–sometimes in big ways like a global pandemic and sometimes in small ways like changing a major. We’ve been working on a new approach to education, and we believe there is no better time than now to launch Life Design at BGSU.  

Your student’s BGSU experience - from start to graduation and beyond - is enhanced by the support and care of a design coach who is with them for the next four years. The design coach is a guide, cheerleader and connector to resources and services that will ultimately lead to your student’s personalized path to success.

Please know that we recognize families have been and will continue to be a large part of your student’s success. As they shift to college life, we know you can serve as a “guide from the side.” 

The University's new Office of Parent, Family and New Student Connections is another resource for you. 

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A Life Design tool for families 

If your Falcon has contacted you about a problem, remember to Pause, Reflect and Guide.

Pause - Take a breath before reacting or responding to their problem.

Reflect (and Reframe) - Try to determine the actual problem and if it’s something they can solve on their own. Instead of offering a solution, listen, allow them to talk and ask clarifying questions to help them define their problem and consider multiple solutions.

Guide - Empower your student to be intentional about their next step. Encourage them to take action and set small goals, to build their confidence

Together we can support your student’s journey to intentional independence, a meaningful career and a joyful life.

Updated: 03/02/2022 12:35PM