Overdue and Lost Materials

Lost Material

If you cannot find an item, receive an overdue notice for an item you think you returned, have been billed for an item which you think you have returned, or an item you returned is still appearing on your account; contact the appropriate circulation desk as soon as possible. Fines stop accruing when you tell us there is a problem.

We encourage you to respond to all library notices as quickly as possible. 

BGSU general collection material:

  • When we complete a Book Problem form, we make and send a copy to you.
  • We mark the items in our system so that if it is returned, we know we are looking for it.
  • We will search repeatedly for the item over the course of a month.
  • The item will be removed from your library account while we search for it.
  • You should also continue to search for the item even if you think you returned the material.

BGSU Special Collection material:  If you have lost an item checked out from any Special Collection, contact the staff where the material was borrowed.


  • We complete a Book Problem form and we ask the lending institution to check its shelves. 
  • The item will stay on your account until the item is either found, returned, or checked in at the owning library.
  • You should also continue to search for the item even if you think you returned the material.

Billing for lost material :   After you notify us of a problem, we will send a letter of resolution with contact information included for the Head of Access Services.  Please respond to that letter immediately if you have concerns. BGSU materials that are still missing at the end of searching period will be billed.  


If you locate a billed BGSU item within one year of the billing date, please return the item for a substantial credit to your account.

Per OhioLINK policy, a credit for the replacement cost ($75.00) of a billed OhioLINK item will be provided on the return of the item. Refunds cannot be given for the processing fee or any overdue fines.

Information on fines and fees

Have a Question? Contact the Circulation Desk by email at circdesk@bgsu.edu or 419-372-2051.