About Circulation Notices

Note: Notices are a courtesy; each patron is responsible for checking his or her account, tracking due dates, and renewing materials.

University Libraries sends certain circulation notices only via email to your BGSU email account (except for courtesy card patrons). These are notices regarding:

  • When a requested item - or an item on hold - is ready to be picked up (Pick-Up Notices).
  • When an item is overdue (Overdue Notices).
  • When an item has been recalled (Recall Notices).
  • When a request or a hold has been cancelled (Cancellation Notices).

The only notices we send in paper form are bills for items that have been lost.

Aside from transmitting information more quickly, sending notices via email helps us be more environmentally conscious, as well as save on postage and labor costs.

If you have any question regarding this service, please call the circulation desk at 419-372-2051 or send an email to circdesk@bgsu.edu.