SpColl 25: Spider-Man Collection

Biographical Sketch

Willard Misfeld was born in Minnesota in 1930.  A professor of Art History at Bowling Green State University from 1967-2001, he started collecting Spider-Man memorabilia with a simple Spider-Man mask, purchased at the local Kroger Grocery store. When a fellow colleague was throwing a costume party, Dr. Misfeld decided to wear a Spider-Man costume with his recently purchased mask. He made the rest of the costume out of men’s red and blue men’s thermal underwear and a black marker. 

With the growth of his collection and the popularity of Spider-Man after the first successful movie premier, Dr. Misfeld decided to donate the collection to the Browne Popular Culture Library at Bowling Green State University for the enjoyment and research needs of others. 

Willard Misfeld’s past and current hobbies include set design for community theaters in Bowling Green, Toledo and Findlay.  He has designed over eighty sets and currently resides in Bowling Green, Ohio.


Box Description
1 Clothing

One men’s size medium light blue thermal undergarment pants.  Plastic spider sewn on front and another smaller plastic spider sewn on left back leg.

One men’s size large light blue thermal undergarment shirt with red on sleeves and front center.  Plastic spider sewn on left sleeve.

One pair of men’s lounge pants, size large. Grey with spider-man throughout pattern on plastic hanger
Pair of red wool socks with black marker used to draw web design.

One tan colored adult size plastic mask.  No string.

One adult size rubber pull over Spider-Man mask 
2002 Official Movie Merchandise

One adult Men’s tie – dark blue with Spider-Man face on front.  Price tag of $17.99 / Ralph Marlin Brand

One adult Men’s tie with dark blue Spider-Man whole body on front Spider-Man II  Ralph Marlin Brand

One pair in bag Spider-Man Adult size gloves.  Red with Black web designs.

One adult size XL Spider-Man royal blue tee shirt still in bag. Picture of Spider-Man on front

One adult size XL dark blue tee in bag.  Picture of Spider-Man on front

One size large adult grey tee with picture of Marvel Hero Flag on front – in bag

2 Clothing (cont.)

One adult size large dark grey hooded sweatshirt.  Store tag $65.00, has large black spider with red head and white eyes iron on patch on front.

One adult size XL black tee with large picture of Spider-Man upper body and web on front of tee.

One royal blue polo shirt size XL, short sleeves, with two buttons.  Picture on front showing Spider-Man starting to throw a web.  Universal Studios Island of Adventure.

One black adult size XL short sleeve tee with picture of Spider-Man.  Universal Studios

Two piece royal blue child’s bath towel set, still in bag.

Bath towel is 20” x 40” x 5” and wash cloth is 8” x 10”  has Spider-Man pictures throughout pattern.

One white 2’ x 4’ bath towel with Full Body Spider-Man  in red print, c. 1981 Marvel Comics

One Spider Man Beach Towel size 57” x 29” Black on top and bottom is royal blue with light green buildings in background. Has Spider-Man swinging out at viewer.  © 2000 Marvel Universal Studios

3 Clothing (cont.)

One child size light blue Spider-Man backpack

One adult size Spider-Man Costume in manufacturers bag with picture of what the costume looks like on front

One red plastic Spider-Man Mask with elastic string.

One royal blue with light blue pillow with Spider-Man background 14” x14”.

4 Toys, Action Figures

One Spider-Man Super pose- able with gargoyle ledge and retractable web lines  Series One by Toy Biz and Marvel Comics in package Item No. 43706  v-54 

One Spider-Man Camera 24 exposures 35 mm color film flash camera with messages, in pkg.  Marvel Official Movie Merchandise


One Battle Ravaged Spider-Man, 2 x 5, with wall mountable display case
Marvel and Toy Biz Co.  in package 
Official Movie Merchandise  Series 1  Item No. 43715 v-54

One Peter Parker figure, 2 x 5, with water web shooting action
Marvel and Toy Biz Co. in package 
Official Movie Merchandise  Series 2  Item No. 43711 v-54

One Spider-Man Bump and Go Cycle in package
Marvel and Toy Biz Co. Official Movie Merchandise, Item No. 43748  v-63

One Spider-Man Battle Cycle with real working headlights and racing sounds
Marvel and Toy Biz Co.  in package
Official Movie Merchandise, Item No. 47296 v-63

One plastic 9” Spider-Man figure, on clear plastic stand, has label and price tag
Not in package; by Marvel and Applause Co.

One 3” x3” Spider-Man Holiday Ornament, in package  c. 2002 Marvel with Kurt S. Alder Co. 

One plastic pose-able 3”x 6” Spider-Man, in package, Marvel and Just Toys 1990  Item No. 12056

One red plastic 2” x 4” Spider-Man Wacky Wall Crawler in package, Marvel and Toy Biz Co.  Official Movie Merchandise  Item No. 43740

One 4 ½  x 3” Spider-Man Ornament in unwrapped bag, Marvel 2003

5 Toys, Action Figures (cont.)

One plastic 8” x 6” Spidey Bank – Upper body of Spider-Man, not in package

Hot Wheels Scene Machine Metal White Van, 1” x 3” - in package – Look in back window and see picture of Spider-Man.  Mattel / Hot Wheels 1980
 Item number 2852

One Spider-copter,  die cast vehicle, 2” x 3”, in package,  red and blue helicopter, 1979 Marvel/Corgi Great Britain

One Spider-Man plastic orange and gold motorcycle,  5” x 4”, not in package, “push and go”

One Black Spidey Car, 1” x 3”, not in package, bubble cover over seat in car but no figure in car, 1978 Hot Wheels and Mattel

One plastic Spider-Man doll, with clothes, 3” x 8”, has plastic spider attached (ring-like) to right leg; clothes are one piece and has two snaps in back, not in package.

One hard rubber Spider-Man figure; 3” x 6”, hard to pose;
Mattel and Just Tops, 1988

One moveable spider-man knock-off figure, not in package 3” x 6”, no year or company name

One pose-able  Spider-Man, 2” x 5”, not in package, Marvel 1998

One red and blue, 2” x 5”, pose-able Spider-Man; able to twist at waist. No package, year or company name

One hard plastic, black and red Spider-Man, 3” x 6”, has moveable arms and legs, not in package, no year or company name

One red and blue plastic Spider-Man swimmer, wind up in back, 2” x 4”, 1979 Marvel, not in package

One red and blue plastic wind up to walk Spider-Man, 2” x 3 ½”, 1978 Marvel, not in package

One red and blue Spider-Man, 2” x 5”, non poseable, has square out of back, missing this piece, has hooks on shoulders, no year, not in package

One red and blue plastic Spider-Man, 2” x 2 ½”, 1979 Marvel, not in package

One red and blue plastic Spider-Man, 2” x 3 ½ “, non poseable, light blue and red suit, no year, not in package

Amazing Spider-Man child size black plastic sunglasses, package opened, 1977, no. 1266, Nasta Company

PEZ candy dispenser, Spider-Man, in blue package, red Spider-Man head, no date

PEZ candy dispenser, Spider-Man, in yellow package, red Spider-Man head, 1985

One Spider-Man Night Light, eyes light up, 1977 Marvel, Item no. 49464, in blue package

Spider-Man identification set- 1982 Gordy International Toy Company, # 246, Red ID bracelet with fake metal chain, clip on badge, toy ring-one size fits all, in package

Spider-Man “giant” magnet figure, 6” x 8”, holding brown bar with blue knot on both ends, 1980 Nasta Company, item no. 2609- asst. no. 2610

Spider-Man night light with bulb, with automatic light sensor, turns itself on and off, semi-circle shape, with plug in and picture of Spider-Man, 4” x 5”,  no year, by Ata Boy Company, in package

Spider-Man rubber magnet, red and blue, 3” x 3”, 1999 Marvel and Universal Studios, Item no. 01036253

Spider-Man Water Squirter, 2” x 4”, blue wrist band attached to red octagon water holder, in clear bag, no year or date

One can fun dough modeling compound, 5 oz., Unopened, has picture of Spider-Man on front of can, and plastic figure of Spider-Man, 3” x 6”,  squatting on lid, 2003 Marvel

One Spider-Man face magnet, 1”, 1980 Nasta Company, not in package

One Spider-Man soap dish, light blue with grey, has Spider-Man leaning over the top of dish, only top half of Spider-Man body, no legs, 5” x 6”, no package

One Spider-Man black Watch, with digital red face and webbing, not opened, in package, Marvel and Columbia Pictures, 2002 Clicks Company 1 ½ “ x 5, standard watch size, Official Movie Merchandise

Two identical Ultimate Spider-Man Noise Makers, slips through card, has picture of the top of Spider-Man body, 1” x 4”, Marvel, not in package

One Spider-Man clear tube candy holder, (empty) 2.25 oz., 2” x 10 ½”, red and blue Spider-Man head and upper body with arms, on top of lid,  Marvel, and Universal Studios, 1999, not in package

One Spider-Man Candy holder, 2.5 oz, (empty) label has picture of Spider-Man, Lid is self inking stamp of Spider-Man, upper body of head and shoulders, no arms, 2” x 10”, Marvel and Top Site Company, not in package

One Ultimate Spider-Man child size soft toothbrush, handle is red and light blue, with Spider-Man sitting on tip of building, 2001 Marvel, in package

One Amazing Spider-Man Web Whirler-Magnetic Twirler, 5 ½” x 10 ½”, Gordy International Company, 1979,  no. 881

One clear plastic box with removable lid, 2 ½” x 2 ½”, lid has Spider-Man rubber face, Universal Island of Adventure written on side of box

One Spider-Man glossy metal magnet front and rubber back.  Shape of Spider-Man squatting and ready to spin web, with web background, 1” x 2”, Universal Island of Adventure, 2001 Marvel, not in package

Red Dog Tag necklace, with black writing, “Marvel Super Hero Island of Adventure”, with web outline, tag is 1” x 2”, and chain is 11”, 2000 Marvel

Black headband with springs on top, each spring has felt spiders

Assorted black spiders: 4 black spider rings 2”, 2- hollow 2” x 3” plastic spiders, with yellow eyes, 1- 8” x 6” black spider with fake fur between head and body and red eyes, 1- rubber spider, 6” x 9”,with dark yellow eyes, rubber legs shaped to look like nubs and hair, 4 – rubber spiders and some with string, 2” x 3”

Five – 1” red plastic Spider-Man with long curved arms, could be from a game like the Barrel of Monkey shapes.

One Spider-Man with yellow back, 1”, 1994 Marvel, piece goes to a toy but toy missing.

One Battle Ravaged Spider-Man, with collector wall mountable display stand, 6”, series II, Marvel and Toy Biz, Item nos. 47080 and 47082

6 Food, Candy Bags, Boxes

One Kellogg Corn Pops cereal box, Yellow, 11” x 5”, 15oz. advertising free Spider-Man CD-ROM with PC game by mail, with proof of purchase 

One Kellogg Marshmallow Fruit Loops cereal box, purple, 10” x 15”, 12.6 oz., Advertising a Spider-Man Water Squirter, free, inside box

One Kellogg Spider-Man Toasted Oat Cereal box, red, with Spider-berry fruit flavor, 10” x 14”, 12.3 oz; this is a limited time cereal flavor

One Kellogg Raisin Bran Crunch cereal box, blue with purple, 10” x 14”, 18.2 oz., advertising free CD-ROM with PC game by mail

Sunshine Brand Cheeze-It baked snack cracker box, red, 9” x 12”, 16 oz. advertising free CD-ROM game demo of Spider-Man Two

MillWheat bite size cracker box, bar-b-que flavor, red, 9” x 12”, 5. 6 oz., Picture of Spider-Man on front of box

MillWheat Oven Baked Cookies box, Spider-Man shaped with candy coated chips, 8” x 11”, 7 oz., picture of Spider-Man on box

Kellogg Pop Tarts with Frosted Spidey-berry filling, red, 9” x9”, 22 oz. 12 count, limited distribution

Brach Fruit Snacks, treat packs, 8” x 12” size bag, 11.9 oz., 17 pouches, picture of Spider-Man face on front of bag

Beta Brands Super Sour Jubes Candy bag, 6” x 9”, 14 oz., blue bag with picture of Spider-Man on front

Universal Studios Amazing Spider-Man Gummie Octopus candy bag, 5” x 8”, 4 oz.

Marvel Comics, Spider-Man Candy Sticks, 6” x 10” bag, 20 pack, blue bag with picture of Spider-Man on front and back of bag

Super Hero, Spider-Man, Hulk and X-Men, Mega Mix Candy Stick 7” x 10”, 2.75 oz., World Candies and Marvel Comics, Picture of Hulk and Wolverine

Spider-Man Marshmallow Pop, (candy lollipop)4” x 6”, 1.5 oz.,  clear bag with colored red and yellow Spider-Man, Palmer and Marvel

Three packages of photographs from donor vacation:

  • 1 pack of 3” x 5” Spider-Man display photos
  • 1 pack of 3” x 5” Spider-Man Universal Studios photos
  • 1 pack of 3” x 6” Spider-Man Universal Studios photos  in longer envelope

One homemade standing sign, red and blue, “Spidey Lives”, used in a display

One Ultimate Spider-Man Stickers, 2 sheets, 3” x 5” sheets, Sandy Lion and Marvel, 2001, in package

One package, Ultimate Spider-Man Body Tattoos, eight tattoos on a sheet, EM and Marvel, 2002, in package

One Ultimate Spider-Man Sticker Set, 4 on one sheet, EM and Marvel, 2002

Drew’s Famous Party Music Spider-Man Theme Song CD, Distributed by Turn Up the Music, Digitally Mastered Music, Featuring The Hit Crew

Spider-Man Multimedia Collector Cards on one CD-ROM, E-Card Direct and Marvel In Motion 2002

One joint action Spider-Man, with eight moveable parts, Marvel 1977 in package

One package of five large size, reusable, Spider-Man Window Clings, each approximately 6” x 7”, Marvel 2003

One rubber Spider-Man blow up doll, 16” x 24”, red and blue, Marvel 2000

One Amazing Spider-Man paper glossy folder, Marvel 2001, standard size

One Spider-Man Helium Balloon, (empty of helium) 16” circular, picture of Spider-Man movie scene, Marvel 2004

Two pieces of red vinyl, 20” x 40”, used as background for displays

Two pieces of blue vinyl, 20” x 40”, used as background for displays

Three red squares of construction paper, each approx. 5” x 6”, for displays

One Tin Spider-Man Pencil Holder, opens at base and has pencil sharpener, rubber on outside, 6” total

One package of Spider-Man pencils, 6 count

One Amazing Spider-Man Compass, 1980 Nasta and Marvel,  item no. 2070

Two Spider-Man Bookmarks, 5” x 2”, green with Amazing Spider-Man on buildings in black, Marvel Comics 1994

One Spider-Man scissors, 5”,  1980 Nasta, not in package

One Spider-Man pencil sharpener, 4”, 1980  Nasta and Marvel,  item no. 2025

One Spider-Man spiral note pad, 5” xx 7”, 60 sheets  2004

One memo pad, 4” x6”, white sheets with Marvel Comics written on top left with pictures of Wolverine, Hulk, Flash and Spider-Man, item no. 56920   1995

One Universal Pictures Island of Adventure Spider-Man Magnet 2” x3”, Post Card Factory and Marvel 2000, not in package

One Ultimate Spider-Man magnet, 2” x3”, Spider-Man climbing up brick wall scene on magnet, EM and Marvel 2002, in package

One Ultimate Spider-Man magnet, 2” x 3”, Spider-Man against Green Goblin, EM and Marvel 2002, in package

One black picture frame, 3” x 4”, black, Spider-Man on front of frame, ready to leap, Spider-Man written in yellow on top, Marvel and Universal Island of Adventure, no date

One green bookmark with yellow ribbon, picture of Spider-Man climbing, 1994

One Green Gobblin, broken off at waist, only upper body, 2” x 2”, no date,

One Spider-Man Pop Topper, red Spider-Man head with blue clip, 1” x1”, Marvel Item No. 11826

One package Amazing Spider-Man Magnetic Memo Holders, Nasta and Marvel Item No. 2055, 1980

One Spider-man Clip Clock, Marvel 2002

One Ultimate Spider-Man Key Ring, EM and Marvel 2002, in package

One Spider-Man Key Chain with web action climbing, Marvel and Basic Fun Company, Item No. 3770, in package

One Ultimate Spider-Man Key Ring, has Spider-Man climbing up brick wall, EM and Marvel 2002, in clear plastic bag

One Spider-Man Key Ring, figure of Spider-Man,  Universal Sales Tag attached

One Spider-Man Metal Key Ring, red and round shape with face of Spider-Man, and has a smaller Spider-Man figure attached, 2” x2”, 2001

Two Spider-Man Memo Pads, 60 count pages, 3” x 5”, Peter Parker face on bottom left and Spider-Man face on top right

One Amazing Spider-Man Video Cassette Tapes, set of four: Con Caper and Curse of Rava,  Deadly Dust, Night of the Clones, Escort to Danger

One Spider-Man Video Cassette of Spider-Man The Movie

Two sets of pin back buttons: Universal Studios, and Spider-Man, EM and Marvel, 2002

One box of Band-Aid brand with Marvel and Johnson & Johnson assorted sizes, picture of Spider-Man on box and each band-aid

One small Spider-Man plastic head with tad holder to hang it, may have had candy or silly putty inside at one time, 1” x 2”

One Spider-Man candy holder / gum dispenser, red, 4” x2”

One Spider-Man Back Scratcher, 16” x 3”, hard plastic, Marvel 1999

One Ultimate Spider-Man black tin container with red handle, Item No. 69570, The Tin Box Company and Marvel 2001

7 Cups, Mugs, Fast Food Containers, Wrappers, Bags

One Spider-Man Mug, 5” x5”, (figural Mug) in shape of Spider-Man Head, glass, NECA and Marvel 2002, in box

One plastic, size 44 oz large, drinking glass, Hardees Fast Food Restaurant, picture of Spider-Man on front, Spider-Man written out,  Marvel 2002

One red plastic straw, two circles and small figure of Spider-Man hanging on straw, 11”

Two Spider-Man Chocolate Candy Bar Wrappers, 2.5 oz size, pictures of Spider-Man on wrappers

Four Spider-Man candy sticks boxes, green, yellow, red and purple, pictures of Spider-Man on front and back, Marvel 1996

One Hardees Fast Food Restaurant French Fry Paper Box, picture of Spider-Man on container, Marvel 2002

One brown paper bag, size small, has grey picture of Spider-Man face on front of bag, Hardees Fast Food Restaurant, 2002

Four Ultimate Spider-Man paper plates, 7” circular, Spider-Man swinging from web, Marvel 2002

Twelve Ultimate Spider-Man paper napkins, 6” x6”, Spider-Man swinging on web, Marvel 2002

One Hallmark Keepsake Spider-Man Ornament, plastic, full body, 3” x3”, Spider-Man hangs from tree, with string web and small hooks, Marvel Comics 1996

One white glass mug, pictures of Spider-Man and other characters on outside with words Universal Studios Island of Adventure; inside words “Nobody Ever Said Saving The World Was Easy”, Marvel 1999

One white glass mug with pictures of Universal Studios Scenes, Spider-Man and dragons, on inside words,  Universal Islands of Adventure, Marvel 2001

One white glass mug with yellow background and black trim with picture of Spider-Man, Applause Company and Marvel, 1989

One white plastic mug with picture of Spider-Man and words The Amazing Spider-Man, 10 oz. size, Deka Plastics, Inc. Item No. 510

One blue paper cup, with Spider-Man pictures and black webs, Marvel  1994

One Spider-Man BellyWashers Juice bottle, 12 oz., plastic with Spider-Man upper body figure as lid and pull to squirt drink opening.

One Spider-Man plastic bubble bath bottle, 10 oz., empty with tag, shape of Spider-Man standing on brick chimney, Kid Care and Marvel 1995

One Spider-Man Bubble Machine, Spider-Man upper body for lid and plastic bottle holds bubble soap, with straw, 3 oz.,  in package that has Hulk on cover, Item No. 8993-8, Marvel 1979

One large plastic Amazing Spider-Man head bucket with black handle, 5” x 10”, Marvel 1979 

8 Puzzles, Games, Cards

One Spider-Man Pal Size puzzle, approximately 3’ long, in sealed red box, picture of Spider-Man on front, Item No. 4329, Pressman Co and Marvel 2003

One Spider-Man Pal Size puzzle, 2 ½ ‘, in sealed black box, picture of Spider-Man on front, Item No. 4329, Pressman, Columbia Pictures, Marvel 2002, Official Movie Merchandise

One hundred piece Spider-Man puzzle, in sealed box, 6” x 6” box size, Item No. 4327, Pressman, Columbia Pictures Marvel 2002,  Official Movie Merchandise

One Spider-Man playing cards in sealed box, Item No. 716-R,  2 ½”  x 3 ½”, Bicycle Brand, Columbia Pictures, Marvel  2002

One Spider-Man playing cards in unsealed box, Item No. 231, United States Playing Card Co. and Marvel 1994

One Spider-Man and Green Goblin Card Game, 56 cards plus three villain cards, in red unsealed box, 4” x 5”, Item No. 31967, RoseArt Co., Marvel  2003

One Amazing Spider-Man playing cards, child size, 1” x 1”, Item No. 1545, Nasta Co. and Marvel 1979

One Yo-Yo, dark red, picture of Spider-Man on yo-yo, Duncan Co. 1976

One Spider-Man hand held game, battery operated, red Spider-Man Head and Face shaped, MGA Entertainment and Marvel 2004, Official Movie Merchandise

9 Board Games

One Spider-Man Monopoly board game, collectors edition, in sealed box, contains six collector pewter tokens, Parker Brothers, Hasbro and Marvel 2002

10 Kites, Posters

One Spider-Man Kite in sealed bag, 42”, Item No. 3083, Spectra Star and Toy Biz Co. 2000

One Spider-Man Kite in sealed bag, 42”, Item No. 3083, “Superflyer 300”, 1997

One Spider-Man Movie Poster, sealed, tag on top reads Spider-Man Movie, Item No. 3534

One Spider-Man poster, sealed, Item No. 1867, At-A-Glance and Marvel 2000

One Spider-Man poster, sealed, Item No. 1867, At-A-Glance and Marvel 2000

One Ultimate Spider-Man Poster, Item No. 2563 Trends International, Marvel 2002

One Spider-Man poster, Item No. 3526, sealed, tag on top reads, “Spider-Man Jump no. 1, Funky Enterprises, Columbia Pictures, and Marvel 2002

11 Large Oversize Toys

One Spider-Man dual action Web Blaster, Shoots web fluid or water, Item No. 43735, Toy Biz and Marvel, 2001 in box size 8” x 13”

One Spider-Man, Green Goblin Walkie-Talkies, each is 12” high, in plastic case, MGA Entertainment, Marvel 2001  Official Movie Merchandise

One Spider-Man Bobble Head Action Figure on Stand, eyes light up, shakes head, talks, in round packaging, 10 ½” high,

12 Clocks, Toys

One Spider-Man Clock, 10” circular, battery powered, Spider-Man talks every hour, Spider-Man clock face with web and numbers, plastic, with easel or wall mount, Way Out Toys, Marvel 2003  in box

One Spider-Man Alarm Clock, 5” x7”square, plastic buildings in background and Spider-Man figure on side and top of clock, lights and sounds, Item No. 41029, Our Way Toys, Marvel 2003

One Spider-Man Head Knockers, 4” x 8 ½ head and small body squatting on stand, hand painted, NECA Co., Columbia Pictures, Marvel 2002

13 Clocks, Toys (cont.)

One Amazing Spider-Man hand painted statue, collectors edition, classic version, sculpted by Randy Bowen, black base and Spider-Man figure has gold post to place in base hole to stand, 13” high, Item No. 3382 of 5000, packed in box with Styrofoam,   2001

One Amazing Spider-Man Marquette, sculpted by Gabriel Marquez, collectors edition, Item No. 4020 of 5000, Certificate of  Authenticity, 8 ½ high, Diamond Company Select Toys, Marvel, in box

14 Large Toys

One Spider-Man Action Figure/Adventure Hero, fully pose-able, 10”, with baseball and basketball uniforms, hat, gloves, bat, balls, Item No. 47867, Toy Biz, Marvel 2001     in box

One Spider-Man, electronic talking figure, press spider button on chest to talk, 16 ½ tall, plastic, Item No. 47361, Toy Biz, Marvel  1998  in box

15 Large Items

One Spider-Man Cookie Jar, 12” x12”, upper body of Spider-Man, head is lid, NECA Company, Columbia Pictures, Marvel 2002 Official Movie Merchandise

One Spider-Man Talking Phone, battery operated, with web swinging action, 12” high, Spider-Man stands on phone base, black receiver, Item No. 40947  Way Out Toys, Marvel 2003

16 Oversize Items

One Spider-Man Talking Illuminating Web Swinging Action Bank, 11 ½ high”, Certificate with bank, sealed box, Way Out Toys, Marvel  2002

One Spider-Man Motion Lamp, electric, blue dome on top, picture of Spider-Man swinging around city buildings, 7” x 15”, 2004  in box

One blue metal trash bin, 13” x 11”, picture on side of Spider-Man squatting, Cadence Corp., Marvel 1979

17 Paper Items

One folder containing greeting cards, 7 count, list inside of folder

One folder containing post cards, 3 count, list inside of folder

Internet clippings, 2 count, listed inside of folder

Spider-Man Advertisements, 7 count, listed inside of folder

Spider-Man Comic Strip Clippings, 5 count

Spider-Man Newspaper Articles, Clippings, 9 count

Mail Order Catalogs, 7 count, list inside of folder

Periodicals -  Time Magazine  May 20, 2002  Vol. 159 no.2

This finding aid was written and compiled by Mary Zuzik, February 2008.