Streaming Audio Reserves

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Access Audio Reserves

Streaming audio reserves are available to allow students to complete course listening 24/7 online.

For students:

If you are enrolled in a course that has streaming audio reserves, you will be able to see your course reserves when you log into Avalon.

For faculty:

All audio reserve requests will be placed on the streaming audio server, unless you are using a published anthology (which will only be available as a traditional reserve in the Music Library and Bill Schurk Sound Archives. Submit all of your reserve request as you ordinarily would (see, but please also tell us which specific tracks your students need from each recording and also send us a list of your course roster so that we can enroll the students in their appropriate section. We'll also enroll you as a student so that you can see the reserve system as they will.


Streaming audio should be working on all public computers in the Music Library and Bill Schurk Sound Archives if you access reserves using the Firefox browser.

Off campus, if you find that your browser continuously indicates that tracks are loading when they should be playing, check to see if you need to update Flash. In Firefox, you might get a warning like this towards the top of your screen:


If you do, simply click on the "Update Plugins" button, and follow the prompts. If you run into a problem in Chrome, check the address bar to see if you have the following icon (puzzle piece with an "X" over it):


If you do, click on the icon, then either choose "Always allow plug-ins on" or "Run all plug-ins this time." If you choose the second option, you'll need to click on that icon again the next time you log in.

In general, the streaming audio application does not work well with Explorer (IE), so you'll be safest working in Firefox or Chrome.

Please call the Technology Support Center if streaming audio is still not functioning for you after trying these quick trouble-shooting tricks, or let us know if you do not see the enrollments or tracks that you're expecting.