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Look to the Facebook page of the Music Library and Bill Schurk Sound Archives as the place for the most comprehensive news, updates, tips, and sleevefaces.


Our Pinterest account is a whimsical blend of content generated by us (sleevefaces, movie posters, book tableaux) and things we find interesting and cool.

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Our Tumblr blog is THE definitive site for any and all BGSU Library Sleevefaces.

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Don't worry, you're not seeing double! We've moved our blog from WordPress over to Tumblr.


Want to watch some videos containing tips and tricks about using the library or information about the collections?  Do you like nerdy library jokes?  Head on over to the Unversity Libraries' YouTube channel.


Our Twitter account has much of the same content as our Facebook page, but in tweet format.  It also includes updates of the latest books, scores, and music we've purchased.


Discover interesting finds from the archives and lovely pictures of library events.  No food found here!


See pictures from events throughout the University Libraries, and find hi-res BGSU Library Sleevefacing images that are downloadable with a Creative Commons liscense.


You use Google+?  OMG!  We do too!