Digital Collections

Selected materials from BGSU's Music Library and Bill Schurk Sound Archives have been digitized and made available online, primarily in the University Libraries' Digital Gallery; some music materials also appear in other collections, linked below as well.

College of Musical Arts Programs

College of Musical Arts Programs is a collection of digitized programs from performances held at or hosted by the College of Musical Arts. They include student and faculty ensemble concerts, recitals of undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the college, and some performances from visiting musicians.

A Few of our Favorite Things

In honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the Music Library and Bill Schurk Sound Archives, we contributed to an exhibit highlighting materials across all four Special Collections.

Historic Sound Equipment

We preserve a variety of sound recording and playback machines. These images serve as a showcase of the kinds of materials used for playback throughout the history of recorded sound. They range from some of the earliest commercially available cylinder players to modern compact disc players. These images also illustrate the history of recorded sound and its manifestations in daily life with examples ranging from utilitarian to decorative.

Marilyn Shrude Videos (BGSU users only)

BGSU faculty composer Marilyn Shrude has conducted a number of interviews with contemporary composers that the Music Library has digitized and made available. Access is limited to users with current BGSU accounts, and sign in is required. Interviewees include Milton Babbitt, Samuel Adler, Shulamit Ran, and many others.

ROCKRGRL Digital Gallery

Completed by former Ph.D student in American Culture Studies, Stephanie Salerno, this digital gallery contains selections from the music fanzine, ROCKRGRL.  Images, quotations, complete and partial interviews and articles are intermingled throughout.  These items have been curated in order to highlight the feminist aspects of the zine; the gallery is by no means all-encompassing.

Sheet Music Collection

The Sheet Music Collection includes digitized copies of public domain sheet music from the Music Library and Bill Schurk Sound Archives collection.

Songs of BGSU (Center for Archival Collections)

Songs of BGSU is a brief history of the different songs that have shaped tradition and the lives of students and faculty through the years. We include the alma maters, as well as some newer traditions.

College of Musical Arts Concert and Recital Recordings (BGSU users only)

We are gradually digitizing historical recordings from the College of Musical Arts for streaming. Access is limited to users with current BGSU accounts, and sign in is required. Only ensembles, faculty concerts, and graduate recitals are typically permanently archived; undergraduate recitals are not held by the Music Library.

Wild Bill Davison (Center for Archival Collections)

Housed in the Center for Archival Collections, the Wild Bill Davison papers (MS-0735) document the life and career of Chicago-style jazz musician William Edward Davison, known affectionately as "Wild Bill." This digital collection contains only a selection of items from the Wild Bill Davison papers.  The full collection is available for research at the Center for Archival Collections. View the full collection finding aid.