CRC Orientation Tutorial

An Introduction to CRC Resources

Welcome EDFI 4200/3000 Academic Service Learning Applied to Educational Psychology

Before beginning this tutorial, print off a copy of this handout:

  1. Curriculum Resource Center Project Worksheet (2 sided)

This tutorial has four parts. For each part, click on the navigation below and view the video. Follow the directions for completing the worksheet.

Select one topic within your tutoring area, such as math, reading, etc. You will use this topic to find related tutoring materials in four sections of the Curriculum Resources Center (CRC). Record the title[s] of your selection[s], the complete call numbers and then describe briefly how you might use the material/activity in a session.

Please ask the staff questions regarding this assignment. Upon completion of both sides of this sheet, give it to the person at the CRC reference desk. He/she will sign, date, and turn the assignment in for you.

Teaching Aids

The CRC has thousands of great hands-on materials for checkout.
Now find the Teaching Aids room  and browse the aisles.  Use the information sheet you printed to help you find the materials for your grade and content area.  Select two items and fill in the worksheet with title, complete call number and a brief description of how the materials can be used.  Do not reshelve your materials, we will take care of it.


Questions?  Ask a librarian

Reference Wall

Ready Reference materials are activity books full of practical ideas.

  • Each Ready Reference book has an orange dot on the cover.
  • They cannot be checked out.
  • Use the nearby Xerox machine to copy (fee) or scan (free) ideas and activities.

Select two books and find two activities that you could use in a tutoring session.  Briefly describe the activities in the space provided.  No need to reshelve, we will take care of that for you.


Questions? Ask a librarian

Curriculum Books

Textbooks, How-to books, Activity books, Teaching Guides. All are available for a three week checkout. Select one book from the Curriculum collection.  Write the title and call number information, then explain how you would use the book or explain an activity you found in it.  Don’t reshelve the books, we’ll take care of that.


Questions? Ask a librarian

Juvenile Literature

They are also called trade books or children’s books. We like to call them fun! Fiction is shelved by the author’s last name.  So Harry Potter is found in the Rs. The rest of the collection is organized by the Dewey Decimal System and grouped by subject.  Refer to your information sheet that you printed earlier.


Questions? Ask a librarian

Wrap Up

You are finished!

  1. Double check that your name is on your paper.
  2. Are all four sections completed?
  3. Turn your assignment in to the librarian.
  4. Come back and use the CRC!