The Hungling Disney Collection

The Hungling Disney Collection includes over 700 children's books, videocassettes, music scores and pop-up books accessible through the University Libraries catalog. Matthew Hungling has been collecting Disney memorabilia for over 25 years. Matthew Hungling has been collecting Disney memorabilia for over 25 years and is pleased to provide the collection for use by BGSU and OhioLINK students, faculty and staff. The materials are housed in the Curriculum Resource Center located on the second floor of Jerome Library. Materials circulate for three weeks.

Matt Hungling

Matthew "Matt" Hungling, a native of Bowling Green, graduated from BGSU in 1974 with a B.S. in Education degree with a major in Library and Educational Media (LEM) and a minor in Earth Science. Matt's passion for libraries started when he was in 6th grade and worked in his school library. In 1973, while completing his undergraduate studies he worked in Jerome Library as a library student assistant. In 1976, Matt joined University Libraries as a Library Assistant in Access Services. During the time that Matt has worked in Access Services he has always demonstrated a strong commitment for library services. Thus, in 1986 Matt was the first recipient of the Friends Staff Award. Today, Matt is a Library Media Technical Assistant 2 (LMTA 2) and is enthusiastic about celebrating 30 years of Jerome Library in December of 2006.

Matt started his love for collections when he was still in Junior High. His grandfather gave Matt a stamp collection. Matt's early collecting interests were stamps, coins, and Marvel comics. In 1982, during his first trip to Walt Disney World (WDW), in Florida, Matt started his Disney collection. He purchased some early souvenirs of the recently opened Epcot Center. Since then, Matt has been traveling to WDW once every year. Matt's Disney collection includes thousands of pins, children and young adult books, videos, postcards, and sketches purchased at the Disney theme parks, online, at antique stores, or traded with other collectors.

Matt's other collection interests have been influenced by his extensive traveling. Surprisingly, Matt has never been to Disneyland in California due to his preference for visiting Hawaii. Along with his Disney collection, Matt maintains a Hawaiiana collection focusing on postcards and books. Matt's other hobbies are his family Genealogy and research on Bowling Green, Ohio's Oak Grove Cemetery.

During the last two years, Matt developed a desire to donate part of his Disney collection to the Curriculum Resource Center (CRC). The donation included over 750 children and young adult books and videos, which are housed in the CRC collection. One of the main reasons that influenced his decision to donate the materials to the CRC was the opportunity to circulate the collection to BGSU and OhioLINK students, faculty, staff, and researchers.

On January 26th of 2006, Eileen K. Bosch, from the Curriculum Resource Center (CRC) had the pleasure to interview Matthew "Matt" Hungling. During the interview, Matt's enthusiasm and passion towards University Libraries and BGSU was clearly visible in every story and memory he shared about his life, friends, and work. Through the interview we also learned a little bit more about Matt's fascinating collecting interests such as Disneyana, Hawaiiana, Genealogy, and Oak Grove Cemetery.

Eileen: When and why did you start to collect Disney items?

Matt: In 1960, when I was in Junior High my grandfather gave me an album to collect stamps. He was the one who inspired me into collecting items. I think I started the Disney collection during my 1st trip to Disney in 1982. Epcot had just opened 3 weeks before the trip, and it wasn't yet ready for souvenirs. As a result, I got some of the early souvenirs of the park.

Eileen: Why did you decide to donate the Disney collection to CRC?

Matt: I guess that in my mind I always wanted the Disney collection to circulate, and CRC was able to accommodate this wish.

Eileen: Of the books you donated to us is there one that you like the most?

Matt: Disney's Read Aloud Storybooks.

Eileen: How about your favorite movie? How many times have you watched the same movie?
Matt: Favorite movie is "Titanic." However, my favorite Disney movies and scenes are:

  • "Beauty and the Beast" - The ballroom dance scene is a classic
  • "Lion King" - The stampede scene when Simba runs away
  • "Mulan" - The battle scene in the mountains when the warriors are attacking in the snow field.
  • "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2"

Eileen: Do you have a favorite Disney Character(s)?

Matt: Donald Duck and Chip 'n Dale

Eileen: How often do you go to Disney?

Matt: Since 1982, I have been going to Disney every year. There was only one year that I didn't go. I made it up by going twice the next year.

Eileen: What is your favorite theme park?

Matt: In order of preference: Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Animal Kingdom, and MGM.

Eileen: How long have you been working at Jerome Library in BGSU and in what position(s)? Are you alumni as well? If so, when did you graduate?

Matt: In 1973, I started working in Jerome as a Library Student Assistant. After graduating in 1974 with a B.S. in Education degree with a major in Library Educational Media and a minor in Earth Science I started working in the libraries as a Library Assistant. In 2006, I will complete 30 years of Jerome Library as a Library Media Technical Assistant 2 (LMTA 2).

Eileen: What do you like most about working at University Libraries?

Matt: The wonderful people I work with everyday at the library, variation of work, the work environment, and the campus atmosphere.

Eileen: What are your favorite Disney attractions, events, or special moments?

Matt: Favorite attractions are: Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan's Flight, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, Spaceship Earth, The Land Pavilion, The American Adventure, Impressions de France, Great Movie Ride, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Kilimanjaro Safari Ride, Maharajah Jungle Trek, and any of the 3-D movies at the different parks.

Favorite "events" are: Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and its parade and fireworks, Epcot at night with its closing fireworks show "Illuminations of Earth," Christmas in general at the park.

Other favorites: Observing the growth and development of the park, people watching, interacting with cast members (Disney's phrase for staff), taking note of the architecture and landscaping, and accidental encounters with characters.
Final favorites: "quiet moments"

  • Typhoon Lagoon on a very cold day
  • A butterfly encounter in an English garden at Epcot
  • A moonlight boat ride from Magic Kingdom to Fort Wilderness
  • Walking the World Showcase promenade about a half-hour after the fireworks
  • An hour spent with a cast member at the Animal Kingdom aviary
  • Animal encounters along the Wilderness Lodge/Fort Wilderness trail
  • Late night dockside at Wilderness Lodge

Eileen: Tell us one funny story or a special memory you cherish the most from working at University Libraries.

Matt: There are many interesting and funny stories I experienced during my 30 years of service. However, a story that seems to be very special is one that goes back to 1976-1977. At that time the card catalogs and the reference department were located on the second floor of Jerome Library right where the CRC Juvenile Literature Collection resides now. I was serving on a library space committee and was in charge of counting the ballots that would decide to move the reference department together with the card catalog to the first floor. The majority of ballots were for the move. The result was a major relocation of departments and services.

In addition, I also shared a couple of natural disasters in Jerome Library. For instance, during the blizzard of 1978 the library opened its doors to help students escape the dorms and to buy food from the vending machines - which were full of food! Also, there were many floods in the library. Some natural and some man made floods such as the time that someone drilled into water pipes in the Pallister Conference Room trying to hang up the drapes. A steady stream of water came from the ceiling. However, the funniest story is about a patron who thought that the trash can bins outside of Jerome Library were book bins. So, he dumped his books in there and only realized what had happened after he started to get long overdue letters and fines.

Eileen: How do you spend your spare time?

Matt: Going to movies. I also like to do hobbies such as Disneyana, Hawaiiana, family genealogy, and research on Bowling Green's Oak Grove Cemetery.

Eileen: Do you have any advice for people who would be interested in collecting?

Matt: Focus, focus, and focus. When collecting items one can easily branch out of its main focus and get lost to a point where there is too much of everything.


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