The Collab Lab offers technology, software, and design thinking workshops for courses and organizations on campus. All workshops are led by a student employee and we must find a time when they can lead your workshop. To learn more about workshop topics, click the navigation sub menu on the left.

Request a Workshop

Please fill out the form below 7-10 days in advance. The instructor requesting this presentation must be present for the entire presentation and may be asked to assist.  Please make sure to fill in all of the fields on this form and to click the Confirm and Send button after verifying you are not a robot.

You must reserve a computer lab or appropriate technology classroom before requesting a workshop:

  • All workshops require an instructor station connected to a projector. Check the Workshop Topics page to see if every student is required to have a computer.
  • Make sure the reserved computer lab has the correct software for the workshop.
  • Obtain the keys/codes needed to open the lab on the day of the workshop and the keys/codes needed to use the projector/presentation equipment.

Once this form has been submitted, the Collab Lab will contact you to confirm the specifics of the presentation and provide detailed information regarding the workshop and handouts. You can then request changes or additions to the presentation to best meet the needs of your students.

If the workshop is related to a course assignment, instructors should:

  • E-mail a copy of the assignment to Collab Lab within 48 hours of submitting the form,
  • Require student attendance, and
  • Suggest that the students review the Collab Lab tutorial on the subject prior to the workshop.

When choosing dates, please make sure that they are on different days of the week, if possible.

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