The Collab Lab offers technology workshops for courses, student-run organizations, and organizations that primarily serve students. These workshops deal with a variety of topics related to core BGSU technologies, including Microsoft Office, iLife, Adobe Suite and more.

Workshop Topics

The Workshop Topics page has a complete list of available tutorials and their content.

Please be aware of the following procedures that have been implemented to better serve students attending the workshops:

  1. Workshops must be requested (registered) 10 days in advance. 
  2. If the workshop is being presented to aid in the completion of an assignment, the Collab Lab must be supplied with the assignment sheet within 48 hours after this sign-up sheet is submitted.
  3. If the workshop is being presented to aid in the completion of an assignment, instructors should require their students attendance as well as strongly suggest that the students review the Collab Lab tutorial on the subject prior to the workshop.
  • Instructors must reserve a computer lab or appropriate technology classroom for the presentation. All workshops require an instructor station connected to a projector; please check the Workshop Topics page to see if the workshop you are requesting requires computers for every student as well. See the ITS Computer Lab Reservation Page for more information. If the workshop requires computers for every student, the locations below are recommended.
  • If a lab other than those recommended below is chosen, the instructor is responsible for making sure the lab is equipped correctly for the presentation.  Find out which software is available in each lab.

Mac OS X

Windows 10

  1. The instructor requesting this presentation will also be responsible for obtaining both the keys/codes needed to open the lab and the keys/codes needed to use the projector/presentation equipment required for the presentation.
  2. The Collab Lab will provide the presentation and handouts pertaining to the presented material. After you sign up for a workshop, you will be provided with detailed information regarding the workshop and handouts. You can then request changes/additions to the presentation to best meet the needs of your students, and we will attempt to make adjustments to accommodate these needs.
  3. If the instructor requesting this presentation is interested in using handouts other than the handouts provided by the Collab Lab, he or she will be responsible for copying such handouts.
  4. The instructor requesting this presentation must be present for the entire presentation and may be asked to assist.
  5. While Collab Lab employees are competent public speakers, they are not the same authority figure as the instructor and we would appreciate instructors taking the responsibility of keeping the class attentive.

To have the Collab Lab present a workshop to your class or organization, please complete the form below. In order for proper arrangements to be made, workshops need to be scheduled 7-10 business days in advance. Please note that we have asked for two choices of presentation dates. When choosing these two dates, please make sure that they are on different days of the week, if possible. Once this form has been submitted, the Collab Lab will contact you to confirm the specifics of the presentation.

For questions pertaining to these workshops, please call us at 419-372-9277.

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