Free 3-D Printing Now Available in the Collab Lab

University Libraries is offering free 3D printing in the Collab Lab to all current BGSU students, faculty, and staff.  3D printing provides an opportunity for patrons to take an idea from their imagination, design it, and create a physical model. Novices and the curious are welcome!  Priority will be given for proof of class assignments. 

Who can print?
The 3-D printer is available for use by all BGSU students, faculty, and staff on a first-come first-served basis during our hours of operation.  Patrons are encouraged to call (419-372-9277) or visit the Collab Lab to schedule a printing time.

What can I print?
The 3-D printers are intended to spark curiosity, experimentation and learning. The University Libraries reserve the right to decline a print request.  Your object can be no larger than 5 X 5 X 5.   

Where is the 3D printer?
Their are two 3-D printers are located in the Collab Lab (122 Jerome Library). Visit our website for current hours

How do I design my object?
Designing a 3-D object to print is done using 3D modeling software. You will need to export your 3-D model into an .STL (STereoLithography) format in order to print it.  The 3-D printers have the capability to create objects up to 4 cubic inches.

How do I print my object?
Users must bring their design to the Collab Lab during our hours of operation. The print object must be an .STL file on a standard USB flash drive. A Collab Lab technician will be available to assist you with production and provide a printing time estimate.

What colors can I print in?
Your printed object will be printed in one solid color. 

How long will my object take to be printed? The time it takes to print an object can vary widely.  If you have more than one object and there is high demand for the 3-D printers, the Collab Lab may choose to schedule only one printed object per person/per day.

How will I know when my printed object is done?
The Collab Lab will contact you via e-mail when your object is completed.

Getting Started in 3D Printing