Collab Lab Events


Wednesday  11/29/17
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Our goal is to engage a cohort of faculty from across the university who are enthusiastic about developing innovative, interdisciplinary projects that address major issues. This workshop will be focused on water quality issues. Lunch will be provided. The workshop will begin with a lightning round session in which each participant gives a very brief overview (2 minutes/2 PowerPoint slides) introducing their research interests and skills. Then you will be teamed with other faculty to brainstorm new initiatives or approaches. We'll conclude by sharing ideas and identifying next steps to develop meaningful, transformative collaborations. Register here.

Faculty Workshop - The Future of Higher Education

Monday 12/4/17
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Come and learn first-hand how prestigious universities are transforming work in higher education. Liberating Structures is a leading-edge change approach used for a variety of strategic initiatives in colleges and universities: creating a diverse and inclusive campus; unflattening the student experience in the classroom; enlivening strategic planning in the boardroom; amplifying progressive business impact within and beyond the campus; coordinating cross-functional and inter-professional management; researching high impact relational practices that contribute to life long learning and development; reimagining faculty leadership development; launching community-based action research and developmental evaluation; designing with students a self- and collectively-authored education; and, democratizing multi-scale administrative operations.