2017 Region I Winners

Congratulations to all of those who participated in Region I's Ohio History Day competition.

We are very pleased to share the list of historians who will advance to the state competition, which will be held on April 29, 2017 at the Ohio Wesleyan University.  For more information on the state competition, visit the Ohio History Connection's Ohio History Day State Contest Website.

Category Division Title Students Teacher
Individual Website Junior The Federalist Papers: Taking a Stand for the US Constitution Alana Hardesty Jane Foor
Individual Website Senior A Lasting Legacy: Lyndon B. Johnson and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Michael Quinn Mona Al-Hayani
Individual Website Senior Phyllis Schlafly & STOP ERA: Taking a Stand for Families Zara Ahmed Stephen Bobak
Individual Website Senior The Sultry Success, Dorothy Dandridge Cassandra Petrey Randy Nissen
Individual Performance Junior no entries    
Individual Performance Senior Lucy Stone: A Leading Women's Rights Activist Cecile Schreidah Ian Malcolm
Individual Paper Junior The 95 Theses: A Brave Stand Against the Corrupt Catholic Church Megan Schermond Jane Foor
Individual Paper Junior Crazy Horse and his Stand Against the US Government Kaleb Barnes Jane Foor
Individual Paper Senior How Can You Run When You Know?: Neil Young's "Ohio", The Kent State Shooting, and Musical Protests during the Vietnam Era Ian Riddle Joseph Boggs
Individual Exhibit Junior Clara Barton Nicole Knerr Robert Orlet
Individual Exhibit Junior The Holocaust Alexis Scharer James Schwieterman
Individual Exhibit Junior Walt Disney Alexandria Cobian Robert Orlet
Individual Exhibit Senior Baldemar Velasquez: Taking a Stand for Farmworkers Ruthie Steel Randy Nissen
Individual Exhibit Senior Bob Dylan Goes Electric, Shocks Folk Music to the Core Nolan Cramer Randy Nissen
Individual Exhibit Senior Grace Lee Boggs: {r}revolution and Civil Rights David Heuring Stephen Bobak
Individual Exhibit Senior The Meriam Report:  Native Americans Taking a Stand Against their Stolen Culture Mya Bishop Mona Al-Hayani
Individual Exhibit Senior Jane Addams and the Hull House: A Pioneer in the Fight for Social Equality Jasmine Fox Andrew Screptock
Individual Exhibit Senior Mohammad Mossadegh: Standing Up to Western Imperialism Daniel Klein Ian Malcolm
Individual Exhibit Senior Power Over Pullman: Rising Up Against Railroads, Wage Cuts, and the Pullman Palace Car Company Kayla Helminiak Andrew Screptock
Individual Documentary  Junior no winner    
Individual Documentary  Senior Billie Holiday: Taking a Stand for Civil Rights Lauren Rownd Stephen Bobak
Individual Documentary  Senior Riot Grrrls Taking a Stand in History Emma Gall Randy Nissen
Individual Documentary  Senior Taking a Stand for Kings Canyon: Ansel Adams' Environmental Photography Sophia Jaegly Randy Nissen
Group Website Junior An Independent Texas: Sam Houston's stand during the Mexican War Holden Barnes and James Ruple Jane Foor
Group Website Junior Branch Rickey's Stand: Striking Out Baseball's Color Barrier Evan Hanefeld, Kris Burns, and Rylee Hanefeld Jane Foor
Group Website Junior Events of September 11, 2001 With Focus on Flight 11 and Flight 93 Jason Ridley III, Joshua Lewandowski, and Tenton Thieman Robert Orlet
Group Website Senior The United States National Parks: Establishment, Preservation, and Protection Alex Chang, Joshua Fox, Riley Stevens, and Trevor Errington Andrew Screptock
Group Website Senior The Tiananman Square Massacre: Ordinary Citizens and What They Can Accomplish Hannah Spillett, Mariah Lashley, and Sara Hall Andrew Screptock
Group Website Senior Bacon's Rebellion: A Shift in the Social Hierarchy of The Chesapeake  David Grow, Grant Mossing, Robbie Schad, and Seth Rahman Andrew Screptock
Group Performance Junior The Empty Box Jaydyn Friedman, Leigh Morris, and Maddie Tack Jane Foor
Group Performance Junior Andrew Jackson's Stand for Indian Removal Which Lead to the Trail of Tears Emma Deffenbaugh, Kyle Baumhower, and Lily Shadel Jane Foor
Group Performance Junior Lucy Stone: College Graduate, Abolitionist, Suffragist, and Women's Rights Activist Abigail Sowinski and Caroline Borrillo Jamie Fletcher
Group Performance Senior Changing the World, One Step at a Time Grace Mulinix and Stephanie Barnes Randy Nissen
Group Performance Senior Julia Child: Her Recipe to Success Lora Sahmarani and Sarah Sahmarani Mona Al-Hayani
Group Exhibit Junior Civil Rights Act Dorothea Kervin, Lindsey Graham, and Samantha Heckman Robert Orlet
Group Exhibit Junior Fa Mulan Kaelie Toth and Lindsey Rekart Robert Orlet
Group Exhibit Junior Irena Sendler's Stand: Smuggling Jewish Children Out of the Warsaw Ghetto Allison Buckenmeyer and Claire Westphal Jane Foor
Group Exhibit Junior The First Woman to Run for President: Victoria Woodhull Jacqueline Chlebowski and Sophia Graham Robert Orlet
Group Exhibit Senior Give Us Free!: The Middle Passage to Freedom Aboard the Amistad Jay Nash, Justin Barnes, and Paige Spencer Andrew Screptock
Group Exhibit Senior British Suffragettes: The Revolt That Won the Vote Kaleigh McCormick and Dibbie Tan Andrew Screptock
Group Exhibit Senior Fighting French Tyranny Fatima Asem and Jordan Grup Andrew Screptock
Group Exhibit Senior Irena Sendler: Taking a Stand Against Hitler Adina Card and Claire Denk Jessica Temple
Group Exhibit Senior The Struggle for Equality: The Riots that Revolutionized the Gay Rights Movement Isaac Meisner and John Hutchinson Andrew Screptock
Group Documentary  Junior Khrushchev's and JFK's Standoff: The World Holds its Breath for Thirteen Day Nicholas Mazurowski and Zack Mattin Jane Foor
Group Documentary  Junior Taking a Stand in History: The Battle of Fallen Timbers Brendan McManus, Kameron Allegrini, and Luke Barnett Robert Orlet
Group Documentary  Junior The House Under a Crazy Star: The Zabinskis' Stand Against Hitler's Final Solution Ally Sprow and Reily Underwood Jane Foor
Group Documentary  Senior Ruszkik Haza! Hungary's Tear in the Iron Curtain Dane Kocinski, Daniel Krueckeberg, Eli  Roth, Evan Hickman, and Isaac Roth Andrew Screptock
Group Documentary  Senior The Great Indian Rebellion of 1857 Avinash Singh and Rachel Avina Ian Malcolm
Group Documentary  Senior The Revolutionary Life of Vo Nguyen Giap: The Legend of Vietnam Dang Lam, Hannah Elrod, and Nhu Nguyen Andrew Screptock