Internet Resources

Comprehensive Sites

The sites below offer a wealth of links to still other sites featuring manuscripts, books, maps, images and other information.

Ohio Regimental Histories

The sites below are a small sampling of regimental histories available online. Some are reproductions of original 19th century histories and others have been produced by amateur or professional historians. You may also want to search for keywords in Google Books. Limit the search to "full view only" to get the complete text.

Diaries & Letters Online

There are many letters and diaries of Civil War soldiers and their families, both North and South, available on the internet. Also follow links on the comprehensive sites (above) and try searching terms such as "Civil War diaries" or "Civil War letters". Special collections libraries and museums are some of the institutions which have scanned or transcribed documents in their collections.

Battlefields & Historic Sites

The National Park Service, local tourism boards and others have created websites documenting battlefields, prisons, and other historic sites from the Civil War. These websites may include maps, Civil War-era photographs and contemporary documentation on the use or preservation of these locations. Links to still more information may often be found.

Re-enactors Groups

Re-enactors groups pride themselves on their accuracy and attention to detail in their military accoutrements and knowledge of history relating to their units. While their purpose is recreational, they often make available a large amount of background information.

Libraries, Archives, Museums

The collections below are some of the most comprehensive dealing with the Civil War, statewide and nationally.

Family History/Genealogy

Whether you are tracing your own ancestor or are looking for help documenting individual soldiers, the sites below offer research guidance and links to still more information sites.

Photographs, Images, Maps, Multimedia

Maps, photographs, and sound recordings can help in understanding troop movements and details of camp life.