Video Bibliography

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Great Lakes Engineering Works, River Rouge, MI 6/7/1958

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Written and directed by John Leben; Saugatuck, Leben Productions, 1994.

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A Carl Kriegeskotte Film, Mt. Kisco, 1989.

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Written by Les Bagley, produced by David Wilson, c. 1990.

GLI Video #24 Shipyard
Produced by Rudy Buttignol, c. 1980.

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Presented by the Chicago, Duluth, and Georgian Bay Transit Co., Great Lakes Maritime Institute, 1994.

GLI Video #27 Launch of PC 451
Produced by Defoe Shipbuilding Company, 1940.

GLI Video #28 Old South Haven
Reproduced with permission from 16mm films from the Lake Michigan Maritime Museum, c. 1910.

GLI Video #29 Sea Scout Vessels and Activities
Reproduced with permission from 16mm film from the Lake Michigan Maritime Museum, c. 1933.

GLI Video #30 WILLIAM A. REISS at Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company
Manitowoc Shipbuilding company, 1963.

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GLI Video #33 Construction of the EDWARD B. GREENE
Produced by the American Shipbuilding Co., 1952.

GLI Video #34 Canal Days
Camera, editor, writer, producer, director, John Skinner; a production of WGTE, Toledo, Ohio, c. 1987. also includes Invasion of the Zebra Mussel.

Shot by James Shepard of Oregon, OH.

GLI Video #36 The American Road
Produced for Ford by MPO Productions, c. 1953. Also includes historic film footage assembled for the 40th anniversary of the Edison Institute.

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WNEM TV 5 Saginaw, Michigan, dates vary.

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GLI Video #84 Lorain, Ohio Shipyard

GLI Video #85 The Legend of the Edmund Fitzgerald

WICU-TV-12 Erie, PA, November 1996.

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